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  1. I love the camera, but I'm more of a stills guy. I've already got a lot of canon glass, that I don't want to have to sell to switch systems. Maybe in the future, I may switch to Sony when they get more glass.
  2. Hey guys, I'm looking to sell a samsung nx1. Its pretty much brand new, I haven't used it much. I'm asking $1100.
  3. This is a dilemma for me. I don't shoot professionally but have a 5d3 to make videos, which I enjoy very much. I'm very tempted with the a7s because of the image quality. The only reason I'm hesitant is that, Sony will probably release one in a year or so, with internal 4k and improved rolling shutter and I'm unfamiliar with the resale value of such a camera. With canon, you know that the resale value of a camera won't take a huge hit because of the enormous customer base they have. I'm not sure who you could sell the a7s to if a newer version with internal 4k comes out. I don't think ph
  4. I'm a complete newbie, but what difference in image quality does 12bit vs 10bit make?  I'm assuming that 10bit recording would take up less data…meaning the write speed of a CF card would be less demanding?  Would you still get a 50d if you already had an MKIII?
  5. Aside from getting RAW footage on the mkIII , would the quality of the 1080p video that we currently get, increase? (a more pristine, sharp image)
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