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  1. Oh dear. Well the whole style is supposed to be a mix of documentary and fiction, which makes it so believable. If you're going to criticise on something small, it at least helps to get it into perspective by mentioning what you DID like, if indeed you did like anything at all, you miserable person.

    obviously andrew...that's why you've been banned everywhere else ...but you just can't seem to catch on. I wonder who's a slow learner !

  2. Kurth: Who gives a crap.


    One thing i'm curious about with his films, is there is definitely something going on with the motion rendition. I know he time re-maps in after effects, it may just be that combined with the constant micro jitter that it gives an interesting quality to the motion. But it almost feels like there is some non traditional shutter speeds or twixtor tricks being done in addition.

    obviously you're just interested in the toyz....not what you can do with them. Editing image continuity is one of the most basic tools that filmmakers use to grab the attention of the viewer. When I saw those perturbations, I thought I was watching a doc, not a narrative short. You can do that in documentary ...but you can't do it in narrative. And regardless...no especially because it was a one person project, they should have been more careful....so no Andrew, I wasn't "transported" simply because the filmmaker was telling a confusing tale based on the information the viewer was receiving. Overly critical...of course. That 's what film criticism is all about.

  3. Why would someone buy this camera over a gh3 or an rx10 ? It seems to be a waste of perfectly good manufacturing facilites to me. If Nikon thinks that 3 seconds of 720/120p is a revolutionary cinema camera, we aren't living on the same planet.

  4. It's not messing up the image with dumb gimmicks per se that I think is stupid. It's messing up the image in camera so the look is baked in. It's better to get a neutral well exposed image in camera then if you want some contrasty B&W dynamic look do it in post so that you have some control over it.


    ...wrong. In b&w, to have the advantage of composing the image in the exact manner in which the image will be presented is a distinct advantage over shooting an image in color and then desaturating it, not really knowing how the b&w's will turn out for any particular shot. And beyond that question...what's wrong with using filters and having your look baked in ? Filters are nothing more than using  "actions" in photoshop, and every advanced photoshop user develops their own actions, I know that for a fact, since I've written a few and sold lots of photographs using them. And then there's the whole question of what really holds up to post manipulation on the g6 with it's codec. I seriously doubt , although I haven't had a chance to experiment, that you can manipulate the image quite as much w/o the codec breaking down, esp with some of the color filters included in the g6. And beyond that there's the desire , that if they're going to include them, then give us some control over them. For example, it appears that the creative mode filters default to changing the shutter speed rather than the aperture. If they just allowed the choice of how the exposure was corrected....i.e shutter speed or aperture , then that would be a step in the right direction.

  5. Why on earth would you want to use a dumb gimmick like creative filters? If you want to mess up the image then do it in post with the best possible image as shot. This silly stuff us just targeted at amateurs.


    ...for dynamic b&w ...but "why on earth" would you have the audacity to ask me ? If it's a dumb gimmick, then all filters are dumb gimmicks. And truthfully....all of the clone so-called purist looking for so-called "the cinema look" turn out alot of footage that all looks redundantly boring....kinda of like 99% of films made today as well  !

  6. Received my g6 yesterday . So far one disappointment....there's no control of shutter and aperture in creative mode filters , now where dynamic b&w lives, and it changes the shutter speed rather than the aperture when u use the rocker arm to adjust exposure. It looks like 1/60th is minimum ss, so you can kind of hover around it using a vnd. Anyone of you longer users have any thoughts on how to control creative mode filters ? thanx k

  7. I think you're wrong Ernesto. I've watched dvd's with more out of sync than that ! My guess it's about 1/4 second delay...or even less....watching the wifi monitor and listening to the audio...and for focus pulling, I see this as having real possibilities , considering there's no live hdmi out .

  8. ...looks like it has about 1/4 of a second delay...according to the sync image on the video...which would make it quite useful . This guy also does english versions of his reviews so maybe he might do an eng version of the g6 wifi review as well. I could see a wifi evf using the ipod touch for example.

  9. I agree julian...there's enough samples on vimeo to download to see that the g6 is not too shabby. Of course the gh3 is better...it costs twice as much ! From what I'm seeing the g6 is better than the unhacked gh2 ...and in some cases even better than a mildly hacked gh2. I wish andrew would do a proper review .....andrew ?

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