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  1. I have have done enough research and i am convinced the GH3 is better, so much so that i am buying one today.
  2. Thanks again for the samples. I must say that i am still not 100% convinced on the G6 over GH2 (hacked). I really do want the G6 to be better as i would like to get one to replace my GH2. I think with mostly static shots the G6 may be ahead in low light areas, but with a lot of movement the GH2 may win. In the shot with the boat and water, I feel that the GH2 is much better than the G6. With its high bitrate the water looks much better. Of course its hard to tell being a youtube video. A hacked G6 would be awesome.
  3. Thanks very much :)
  4. Julian, can you please try and post your test clips in original format?
  5. I cant get the video to play. Anyhow i currently have a GH2 (hacked), and am thinking of moving to the G6. I have been waiting for more video samples and comparisons to be posted before deciding, as i mostly use the camera for video. I must say based on the photos posted here I feel the GH2 is better. The GH2 is much sharper, a little more noisy, but i can filter most of that out in post.
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