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  1. So you mentioned something in this post that I had not noticed before. "the SLR Magic Anamorphot is best paired with a prime lens whose front element (not to be confused with its filter thread) is smaller than 50mm in diameter." Does this mean that even if the front threads are larger than the 50-62mm range the lens could still be used with the Anamorphot-50? I have Canon L primes (currently) and I'm wondering if they will be a taking lens option at all because of the 72mm or 77mm front thread sizes being too large. I would assume vingetting would occur with any "stepping-down" from the front of the taking lens to the rear of the Amamorphot. Also, how does one tell what the measurment of the "front element" on a lens is? Thanks for all the info, very excited about this product.
  2. Hello,   New to Anamorphic.     Wondering why more people aren't using Canon L lenses with the la7200 since most of them are 72mm threads in front. Is there an image problem I'm not thinking of or is the multicoating cutting down on flares?
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