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  1. Welp after wanting something decent to take movies with for years this will probably be my first dip in the video water. This seems like by far the best choice around the £500 mark if you don't want to go micro four-thirds.
  2. On second thought I see pretty much no reason to get an RX10 instead of a GH3 with the panasonic 14-140mm...
  3. It would be nice with a bit more details on your impression of the 24p mode - I think it's gonna be a few more years before good looking 60p becomes a thing in non-Panasonic cameras. Is the vimeo video shot in 60p or 24p? How bad is the motion blur pixellation in normal use? I'm just looking for something with good image stabilization and nice looking 24p footage and this seems like the best bet at the moment, the alternative is a GH3 and the 12-35mm but that becomes pretty expensive.
  4. Doesn't something like the GH2 or GH3 just sharpen an unsharpend image in camera anyway? So having to apply some sharpening in post on the D5200 isn't really any different, you just have to do it because the camera applies less sharpening on it's own. The other cameras in this price range don't have a magically more organic image just because it's sharpened in camera instead of in post. I guess you could make this argument if you shoot RAW, but then you get into a whole other price range than the D5200.
  5. This video looks a bit better than the other ones posted so far: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47Qi5P3rJ7A   I'm looking for a nice stills camera that can still take pretty great video, and if I find that I like using the video a lot I'd get a GH3 or BlackMagic Pocket Cinema or something later. The 24p 24Mbps on this one should be enough to get my feet wet, right? I'm probably gonna stick to a kit lens until I can afford the Olympus 17mm f1.8 around fall or something.
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