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  1. Our first 5DII RAW test. For some reason some only see it in 480p..
  2. Cool. Looking forward to hearing. I've gotten mine, but don't have any mft camera before the pocket camera..
  3. This is not off topic. If you are right it redefines the whole meaning of this thread. Looking forward to seeing Blackmagic's reply!
  4. Thanks. That is probably shot at f1.2 and a bit due to the ETC mode, but it still shows way too much CA and softness for my liking..
  5. The Computar 12,5-75mm 1,2 seems like a good zoom option. Anyone knows if it will vignette or how sharp it is?
  6. 5.9mm sounds like a good wide-angle focal length. Is it sharp? I've seen it work on a GH2 without vignetting, so it would easily work on the pocket kamera, right?
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