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    Retired DP now shooting local stuff for stock libraries.

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  1.   Don't want to confuse the issue but my calculations say 1.5 for MFT and 3.0 for FF.  Just a case of dividing the two diagonals, I would have thought!
  2. You probably mean "What adaptor.......?" Rather depends on the mount on the lens itself. The BM Pocket camera mount will be 4/3. So an arri lens will need an arri-4/3 adaptor, etc.
  3. There is currently no 4/3 adaptor for the Nikon1 CX lens. Plus the CX FFD is less than the Four-thirds distance, which may present a problem in any adaptor design.
  4. Good though they may be, Fujinon B4 glass are certainly not "budget" lenses, which the orginal post was asking about. Also, these were made for two-thirds cameras and I question coverage on Super 16mm at the wide end. Any comments?
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