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    Sony a6300 4k

    yes I wished that jello stuff only happen at display but not with recorded footage, I really wished it too... well let's wait till Mar. 11th, and pile of a6300 badged footage from Japan will be on everywhere.
  2. freiheit

    Sony a6300 4k

    yes, it was kinda torture test cuz i shock crazy with 70-200mm (200mm tele side) but here's the result. if you guys okay with this, just go get it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Pv08VNcE50
  3. lack of the function like Cinelike D & V, contrast curve, nor luminance level...that was kinda major thumbs down to me. even FZ1000 equipped almost everything GH4 has (function wise). what you guys think about ? of course the one by Mr.Todd looks good though.
  4. here's my test with a7S's APS-C mode. I've testing a7S with Sony Japan few month back and seems 1080P60fps has different sensor readout and it makes softer, moire-oriented image.
  5. i'm kinda doubt that 1080P/120fps...anyway 4K (possibly UHD, not DCI4K) up to 30fps with new sensor sound enough for this size of toy! crossing fingers!!
  6. so let me clear about the native resolution each camera has. only 5D3 has cover the 1920 pixel horizontal in raw hack mode?
  7. +1, Superka! i totally understand that now we are at the early stage of this raw hacking but i'm just wondering why 60D is kinda off topic with this thing...we know ML tried to reach the 1080P/35fps with 60D first, right? anyway, I need to wait and hope we can get stable enough 1080P24fps raw with 60D near future! crossing my fingers!!
  8. hope i can use bunch of my EF lenses to the GH3 and i'm jump in ! but it's too bad they just announced about m4/3 speed booster: http://www.metabones.com/speed-booster-questions "Canon EF lens (but not EF-S) support is planned in the future, but we do not have an estimated date yet." ...damn it.
  9. tristan, i think that tech spec on the CD website is more like "this is the maximum number we can reach" kinda stuff. so this time with FS700, like Mr. Martinez from Sony USA says, " Odessy 7Q will record 2k in CinemaDNG up to 240fps, and 4k DPX up to 30fps" is correct spec for us right now. that's my guess.   I think Sony will keep the full spec for FS700's 4K solution with their own products only. I don't know maybe years later we might able to get even XAVC codec option for Odyssey but for now they only gave a bit of taste for Convergent Design and let us choose, you know.    however, it sounds fair and we can decide whichever we want. we can go cheaper with Odyssey for limited 4K, or we can play with Sony's combo for 4KRAW burst 120fps! CRAZY!!   and of course, we can record 2K240fps anyway! that's amazing!!
  10. hi, i think you mixed up the information about the spec of Odyssey7Q and Sony's recorder combo. In the video, Mr. Martinez from Sony USA said that "4K, DPX up to 30fps.". Odyssey7Q can't handle the 60fps and burst mode of 120fps.   but hey, at least we can cross our fingers for future update, hope they might get XAVC codec soon and we can do much more stuff with Odyssey7Q! :)  
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