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  1. Blackmagic are the James Dyson of the TV world and Grant Petty will always try to stretch the field in new ways. Some ideas will work and some won't. A bit like a clothes designer who puts the extreme stuff on the catwalk and then tones it down for the high street, the stuff that earns money for the company is the boring digital glue shoved inside cages with fans. Why not have a headline act too? NAB wouldn't be the same without BM coming up with something that makes people blog, comment and discuss - that's good for everyone. The likelyhood of seeing the URSA in full production in the next 12 months is pretty low given the company's record, but I bet every bit of talent in the company has been fully employed in the last two months getting the prototype ready for NAB - now they can concentrate on the firmware. Please (from a Production Camera owner).
  2. Blackmagic Design will always have to compromise with form factor etc in order to produce a camera that not only meets the needs of those shooting to a low budget but pushes the boundaries of what's possible. For years everyone was happy to add masses of gear to get a decent picture out of the 5D. Now you can have 4K RAW or ProRes internally for half the price of the Canon 1DC. That's got to be welcome.   I can't fault Andrew's logic about delivery times and only something unexpected will delay it like the Cinema camera. If it wasn't for NAB popping up every April, BM would probably do what Apple do and delay the launch until  production was in full swing and stocks were in place to meet 50% of the expected orders.   It won't suit the likes of gene-can-sing but he isn't BMs target market, Canon and Sony want him. BM want me, and I think the've got me.
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