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  1. Why would anyone shoot at iso 12,800? It's totally unusable for any prosumer use, judging by the look of this video. For my Iphone remark, if you want 120fps to be soft & noisy and without any colors that would push bitrate (like this video clip), you could use iphone not A7s...
  2. Wou I would write off A7s completely if I had to choose based on this video. Im sure all eoshd fanboys will speak highly about it, but what the heck, they are fanboys after all. Seriously, this video could have been done with iphone 5s and there would be no difference. You are very interesting when it come to theory, analyzing pros and cons of equipment but in practice world you should stop making videos like this...
  3. http://vimeo.com/65639526
  4. Just because you didn't hear about it, it doesn't mean it wasn't out there... Idea is old and there's a couple of other solutions just around the corner... FreeFly just have the resources for better marketing.. Guys from RC hobby where using this approach almost a couple years now ( https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=591357797560512&set=pb.571638259532466.-2207520000.1365189740&type=3&theater ) but you gotta understand that brushless controllers and gimbal motors are right now in biggest development, becoming better, cheaper and easier to use...
  5. Are you sure about hd monitoring?   Tim wrote: We used a Paralinx Arrow HD video transmitter.    as for control unit, on bts i saw that they where using rc station, as you only need 4 chanels for pan/tilt, those kind of transmiters that will work with 3axis gimbals are priced $100...
  6.   To me it looks better, because it's cnc engenired and mOVI is bunch of carbon booms and plastic clamps.. Im sure will seen one for $1000 or less in couple of months http://rctimer.com/index.php?gOo=goods_details.dwt&goodsid=839&productname=
  7. This is not made for the purpose, it's made for quadrocopter and than just customized with booms and clamps for handheld use. Im am long time cinestar user...   All controlers for stabilisation have Mems Accelerometer, Mems Gyros,Magnetometer..etc (zenmuse, picloc, tarot,skyline, radian and you can look into new one cheapest, made just for brushless - alexmos)   MoVI do pans and tilt the same way as any other stabilized gimbal on the market that use 3 brushlees motors (roll, tilt and pan) and zenmuse does excatly the same thing... You can see on the clip that they are using rc station, they have not even made yet dedicated pan/tilt + speed potentiometer joystick and tht's easy thing to do, expecialy if you plan to charge it 15K...
  8. Actually, this time china was first (zenmuse).. This is nothing more than customized cinestar gimbal with brushless motors and side handles. Right now there's quite boom in rc multirotor industry, new brushless gimbals are produced everyday, just look at rcgrups and other rc forums and they all can be easily adopted to camera handheld work... price range will be from $60 for gorpo sized cameras to top $2000 for BMC size/weight. Here is one of cheaper solutions, just add handles and you have moVI http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTIyNTg4NzAw.html
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