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  1. For sale is a set of those 2 high quality and rare Voigtländer diopters - Focar A (+1) and Focar B (+2). They were produced around the 60's and are in a very high quality. Their large 95mm diameter make them a perfect fit for the Iscorama 54 or the Isco 16:9 video attachment I.

    The diopters are in a great condition and come with their original (yet old) boxes, as seen in the picture.

    Price 250€ + shipping (Paypal)

    2015-10-08 14.10.33.jpg

  2. The one that got sold also were in new condition, you probably bought one of these. Just put it on ebay for 600$, there you won't get any comments of people hinting about much better deals.

    The fact is -  that if you want to get this lens now, it's the best price you can find.

    Nobody that posts here needs to get your or anyones else's approval for the prices they offer... But I guess you simply have nothing better to do with your time. Good luck with it.

  3. This Kowa looks exactly like the 8Z / 16H models, which I both owned.

    However it doesn't have the 8Z / 16H marking.


    Its condition is like new, seems like it was never used (I also never used it). Glass is perfect! comes with both caps.


    Price is 450€ for Paypal. Free worldwide shipping. Please write me with your email address if you want a better quality pics of the lens.





  4. I wonder how much my Kowa 35 Inflight x1.75 is worth then!?*

    * does a dance whilst rubbing hands.

    I think it safe to say that the Kowa 35's were made with top level quality from some of the best designers from that period, same optic quality as used in their cinema scope optics if I recall correctly from Redstan. I don't know the exact jump in quality from 'normal' to 'inflight' versions, but I'm sure the inflights are considerably rarer, if not just for the x1.75 squeeze and larger 54mm rear.

    Footage looks good, what I'd expect from my kowa = impressively sharp wide open but still very organic.

    Good luck with the sale.

    Thanks Häns,

    I really think that in terms of image quality, this glass can pair with top anaorphic lenses out there. Here you also have the advantage of flexibility with the choice of the taking lens, naturally the disadvantage of convenience. But If you think about it this way, the price really makes sense (compare it with a price of a set of Kowa anamorphics...)

    So you would pay as half as what you would pay for an Iscorama these days, and get a great lens that works also without a frequent hassle of diopters (better minimum focus) and most likely has a better image. 

    I've actually seen a bit more of the inflight x1.75 out there, but they're indeed very rare as well. I have a feeling they were made in a later period than the c35 x1.5, just because of their design and the fact you can often find them in a good shape. 

  5. the lens gives really nice images, I saw your video & it's very cinematic indeed. & you are right: 1.5x is far more desirable than 2x, as Iscorama 1.33x is, against the Iscorama 1.5x... things are like that... Good luck with your sale.

    by the way, your nikon lens is f1.8, not f1.7 that you write in video's info.

    Thanks for the feedback Yannis!

    And you're right, the Nikon is really f1.8:)

  6. But I know for M43 sensor is 4:3, and 2x lens I used as 1.875x for most restoration.  So the ratio is only 2.5:1. 

    BTW, there is a 1.5x lens price for reference: http://www.ebay.com/itm/221431697341

    Yes, I think you're right about the sensor. but the problem is that almost all the manufacturers don't allow the option of 4:3 video shooting. I'm not sure why, but that's the reality.


    The lens in that link is a joke compering to the Kowa. I tried it so i know exactly what i'm talking about. The one there is a focus-through lens which you might be able to adjust with a screw driver only (!) and...while adjusting it, it actually slips from alignment  and you have to re-align with your feeling. very unprofessional... It might give you some nice footage if you use it right, but never ever a clean professional look like the Kowa. It's like compering an old mobile phone to a canon 5d mark 3 because they both make pictures. 


    This adapter in this link is from a small unexperienced british manufacturer, and I wouldn't put this glass in front of my lens if I want a quality image. Maybe for fun or for the sake of experiencing. 


    Anyway, i'd be happy to answer you privately for further similar questions, but let's keep it here a relevant discussion for the lens that I'm selling. Thanks! 

  7. How come much more expensive than 16h/8z?  Do you think the 1.5x lens has more worthy than 2x lens? or just rare?

    I really think it's better than the 8z in terms of quality, especially because it seems to have very minimal to no distortion.

    Anyway, regardless the comparison, it's image is simply fantastic. It has a very organic and cinematic feel. Check the test footage and tell me if i'm wrong. 


    Besides, x1.5 compering to x2 is a huge difference, which upgrades your footage from an experimental ratio (3.55:1) to a usable anamorphic material (2.66:1). So even if you can get very nice results with the 8z - it's just the wrong ratio when shooting 16:9.


    And sure, the prices are high because you can't find those lenses anymore and no company out there seem to make a similar lenses soon in such quality.

    I wouldn't compare the Kowa 35x1.5 it to the 8z which was a consumer lens and has probably hundreds if not thousand of copies going around the world. 

  8. post-27208-0-30102200-1404848470_thumb.jpost-27208-0-59250800-1404848474_thumb.jpost-27208-0-62848000-1404848477_thumb.jpost-27208-0-57175600-1404848480_thumb.j


    Hi guys,


    For sale is this extremely rare Kowa 35 x1.5 attachment. It has an incredible quality and sharpness. The large glass elements – rear 45mm and front 60mm, promise minimal distortion, less vignetting and more light to the sensor. Still it is quite compact (similar in size to the Kowa 8z/16h).


    That fact puts it's image quality in the pro level, not like the tiny 8mm baby lenses out there.

    It is a double focusing adapter, but the focus ring is very smooth and I didn't find it as a big issue to get the focus right.


    Minimal focus on barrel is 5 feet (1.5 meter) but the focus turns over this marking and so you can get a sharp image already around 1 meter, which is about as half as the Iscorama.


    It comes with a self made clamp, which is usable, even if not a piece of art. You might find a better solution, but it's definitely fine for a start.


    Comes also with an original Hasselblad leather case.


    Lens is in a great condition for it's age. Glass is in a very good shape in both elements and focus ring turns very smooth and easy. 


    Price is 1200€ + shipping via Paypal.


    You can also get a Tokina famous diopter +0.4 new in a box for extra 200€ (not for sale separately at this stage)


    Please check this sample video that I shot with it today on my BMPC 4k:


  9. I didn't mean a rig but a stabiliser like a small glide-cam kind of thing.


    Cool they made the canon FD speed booster. The FD's are really good and a great bonus when having a MFT mount. 


    About diopters - all the extrem close ups in the clip were shot with hand held diopters. you can get good results already with a simple cheap kit for a start (+1,+2,+4) if you need +3 you add 1+2 but that's already extrem with the Kowa, which has already a good minimum focus as is.. I wouldn't spend too much on expensive diopters when you're on a limited budget. 


    About the workflow for stabilising - your idea sounds like the way to go and you might find also other solutions. Every editing program has some different workflow when it comes to anamorphic material...it's a try and error process. 

  10. The Zeiss is probably a safe bet as well...and regarding the FD's - i'm not sure if they made a speed booster for them yet, but it's definitely a good argument for investing in a lens. On the other hand, if you'll get the 35mm wider with the booster it will probably start to vignette when the 8Z is on, so i'm not sure how helpful it will be there. 


    Regarding the stabilisation - the ones at sec 33 is indeed a bit ugly but i wanted to use this shot so just did. In this case the simple fcp7 wrap stabiliser - I believe i could get it done better with AE or something else like lock and load plug in.


    anyway, best thing is to use a good stabiliser, not like the one I had and to keep as less as possible shakiness for post - where you can usually make no miracles, especially when having motion blur in the shot.


    Shooting originally with higher shutter speed can help a bit in that regard but again, you have to find a way to stabilise the camera.

    I believe you can find a nice small rig for a reasonable price for that compact GX7...

  11. The Canon FD 35mm f2 is a safe bet as well as the old Nikon if you like the Nikon look (which you can also get in the 1.4 version but it's over your budget and for my experience I don't think it's anyway worth the extra price.  


    Check out a clip I once shot on the GH2 with the FD 50mm and the 8Z for reference:



    "Since I will use it mainly for anamorphic shooting, It doesn't have to be super fast" - why do you say that? with the 8Z you're still sharp on f1.4 (the 50mm version).

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