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  1. For anyone learning Resolve I highly recommend Matthew Scott's tutorials. MTS
  2. It seems to GX80 is a kind of breakthrough. I have never seen so much videos of high technical quality here in the forum. We already had great affordable stabilization ( like on the OMDs ) or great 4K quality ( like on the LX100), but this time all comes in a lovely affordable package.
  3. I am pretty sure the camera used to film a movie has nothing to do with its oscarbility. Its more that excellent film maker have big budgets and like to have pro DOPs and pro gear.
  4. So we can welcome the first sub 2k$ consumer camera that delivers cinema quality.
  5. Canon's APS-C sensor isn't the problem. It delivers about 6k resolution, DR and noise are far from perfect but OK. The problem starts with sensor readout, downscaling, and codec/compression. That is where Nikons D5200 and D7100 shine. They do a better job on image/video processing.
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