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  1. Very interesting, I suppose DOF could be done reasonably when on human subjects if following these guidelines. 24mm DOF wouldn't look too good on humans with BMPCC, might give off a "miniaturized" effect... 
  2. Hmm, so why is 75mm considered portrait, if what we see is 50mm? Just trying to learn here. And does anyone know how long after the original BMPC was announced, that footage was released? And If the BMPCC had clean output, we could record higher rez/fps, like the 4k, right?
  3. Wouldn't the 17.5mm be good for portraits? (52.5mm equiv), and the 25mm would be more telephoto? How do you think bokeh will look with an 8mm f/1.4? This is driving me crazy, especially with the FF 4K for $4k... Too much though, still.
  4. That would be like a last resort for me, if my thinking is right, no DOF with that lens.
  5. I don't think f/4 gives you much of a blurry background as you say, at least none that I've noticed...EDIT: sorry, I misread, f/4 would produce blurriness.   I may have to do that if cost get out of hand, but even then I don't think it'd offer a very professional look.
  6. So if I take this camera's specs into http://www.dofmaster.com/dofjs.html, do I input it as 8mm, or 24mm (crop factor) for S16? I think you and I are definitely on the same page as far as what we want.
  7. I have seen the GH2/3 and heard of their modding community. The clarity of the BMCC is incredible IMO, and they don't use a low pass filter for moire, which increases the sharpness. And RAW 1080p video is key. I have not seen anything comparable to the BMCC when it comes to the GH's, maybe you can prove me wrong.
  8. So the speed booster mentioned earlier would bring it back?
  9. So an 8mm lens would appear to be a 24mm lens on the BMPCC... This is factoring in the crop factor, and the S16 sensor size? I'm still learning here.
  10. And I regain that DOF with a speed booster? Can the DOF change be calculated?
  11. Correct, I understand that an 8mm is considered "fisheye". So do you know how exactly an 8mm would look on this camera? Would it look more like a 24mm, due to the 3x crop?
  12. I see, what would it be like without the speedbooster, as current models are around $500, then I would have a lens to buy, I'd rather just buy an expensive lens, as the speedbooster quickly makes the "low price" of the BMPCC not so low.   Have you seen the price of the BMPCC?   Yes, a lot of good information in that thread, I admit I didn't see this thread before, but also I think my thread is more fundamental. I'm trying to figure out the exact calculations I need to make the right purchase.   I realize it has good depth of field, that is not the particular thing i'm getting at. As 8mm lens are very wide field of view (with distortion), 50mm, the human eye is used to seeing (portraits), and on up for telephoto (a "compression" effect).
  13. Hello! As a student currently learning about imaging, I think the best RAW start up camera would be the Pocket camera. (I have past experience too, but handy-cams and after effects don't look too professional).   I am still confused on the best lens for it would be. I am interested in the look that a 24mm gives to a full frame sensor, but don't know how that compares to the crop factor (I heard it's 3x), and the fact that it's a super 16 sensor. It seems like it's basic math, but I'm unsure. Researching these forums, I see recommendations for this site: http://www.abelcine.com/fov/ but that doesn't answer my question. If I can figure out the basic math to my problem, I can choose the right lens to get the 24mm, 50mm, etc. look from a 35mm sensor.   Would I need a higher, 50mm lens, to get the wide angle look of 24mm, on this camera? Or would I need to go even lower, 8mm to get around a 24mm look?   Here's an example of the "look" I'm going for with my future Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera: http://www.pixel-peeper.com/lenses/?lens=567 That example is a 24mm (wide angle) lens, mostly on full frame cameras. The 3rd image catches my eye in particular. I'm interested in wide angle for music video production. And yes, those are from a prime lenses, as they are the sharpest, I want the most clarity I can get, and do any distortion in post. Any help/advice would be appreciated. If I've made any mistakes in my research, PLEASE correct me.
  14. I completely agree with you on the hardware hack, I feel like it'd be a good diy. This could be a dream come true.
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