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  1. Is there a plan to update GH2 Shooter's Guide for GH3?
  2. If lens adaptation is your goal, yes, NEX would be a much better option. For me, a 14-140 zoom and a fast prime like 17/1.8 plus occasional manually adapted EF primes would be sufficient for my purpose. Not that expensive and very light to travel with!
  3. I bought myself a new V1 based on this this thread. After a few days I decided to keep it, not for its 4K raw capability, which is too limiting to be practical in my mind, but for its burst shooting capability as a street camera. At 10fps, I can keep shooting stills for 3.4 seconds, long enough to capture an interesting scene, and fast enough not to miss the critical moment. I shot 1800 pictures in a couple of hours, and the battery still showed as full. I was able to pick many keepers out of this session, improving my success rate by many folds. Moreover, it's completely silent, and the AF is always spot on. For this purpose, it's quite a unique camera, even better than the like of 1Dx or D1s. I'm happy that I stumbled on this gem.
  4. I use Premiere Pro.  When I import 50i clips, the properties show as 25p, so I believe they're native 25p file contained in the 50i wrapper.   The files don't need any deinterlacing like those from my 60i camcorder.  
  5. I'm thinking of getting a V2 to complement my RX100 for the telephoto scenes when travelling light. One concern I have is about the 30p frame rate in video mode. I live in a PAL country and my RX100 is 50p. Would it be a major problem if I intercut the footages?
  6. How long does V1 need to recover from the burst, i.e. saving images to memory card, before it can take another 30 frames?
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