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  1. Hi JazzBox, Great to hear you enjoyed Crete, Vamos.... that's very close to where they shot the film "Zorba the Greek"!. But I see you came around, ...yeah Elafonisi is fantastic! I am not a native Cretan though, just taking time off to get some projects done ;-) Thanks for your "experience-talking", in the end I ended up buying a 10€ china ND filter, variable. If it doesn't work out then it's just 10€, after your post I am even less willing to buy an expensive one. Cheers!!
  2. Thanks a lot Animan, Your answer made me reconsider!
  3. Hi community, I got myself a Panasonic FZ1000 to shoot a promotion film of hot-air ballooning in the Austrian Alps. Since the FZ1000 will be my A-cam I am looking for the right ND-filter. Budget is very modest so I have to stick with a fixed ND. condition: I expect a lot of snowy mountains, sun and overcast weather, shooting only in daylight. Also I'll probably film through the whole zoomrange. 4k. I am doubting between 3stops (ND8) and 6stops (ND64). I am anxious 3 stops won't do the trick with all the snow reflecting and when shooting 35mm. Any advices? Kind regards, Florian
  4. Hi Matrox, User mojo43 seems to be rather skilled with his Nikon d5200 which is almost the same camera as the d5300, only without 60p. He posted this video which serves well if you want to get an idea of what the d5200/d5300 is capable of, image-wise. only the intro was shot with an A7S.
  5. guys!   Thank you for your help! I will consider this. I appreciate your knowledge as professionals - stunning videos too!   Keep up the good work. One I got the camera I might post more on my DIY sollution of extern monitoring. Don#t expect high profession there as I am only an artist not a filmmaker (yet, haha!).   cheers
  6. gosh, I have seen a lot of camera footage the last couple of days, GH2, FZ200, TM900, LX7... but: this is absolutely the best!   I want to have it, only one thing bothers me really, which I wanted to avoid since I have the same problems when filming with the Panasonic LX5 (yeah, I know):    the fixed monitor. Is there anyway around it, a port for external monitor or something?  If there is, then this is my camera!   thank you!
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