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    pchristoph reacted to sir_danish in Why I am going with 4K and why you should too   
    Two weeks ago, a client asked me to shoot some nice photos of her employees. I told her that this would be a job for a photographer with his own studio and proper flash lights, things that I don´t have as I´m not a photographer at all. To be honest, I actually told her so because I really didn´t like the idea of driving 400 kilometers just to take portrait pictures of employees. But her answer was, well, shaking up. She told me that she wasn´t interested in high-polished, perfectly lit ultra high resolution photos, but rather something special and charming. I know she´s got the money and access to professional photographers, but she explicidly wanted me, because she appreciates my ideas. So I bought a "green screen" (actually a green carpet) from IKEA, grabbed some LED lights and my GH3 and took these pictures downstairs her company building. The end of the story: She and her employees couldn´t have been more happy, because the pictures looked exactly what they were hoping for. They are not perfectly lit, they are not perfectly sharp, but they have a special look and feel and thus represent the spirit of that specific company. Mission accomplished.
    This was an example, that can apply to all of my creative work. As long as I´m a self-employed and creative person providing a service, my clients pay for the whole package, including my own nature. They don´t pay solely for resolution or pro-looking equipment.
    Even in the future, some people will be able to sell precious 720p suff, while some highly graded, moiré-free 4K work of others won´t be worh a penny to anybody. Like I said, it´s the whole package and your knowledge of how and whom to sell it, it´s not your camera´s codec alone.
    Anyway, I will be pleased with all these 4K test videos on youtube and vimeo. Thousands of self-appointed filmmakers will show us thousands of arty video shots of flowers, dogs, cats, grain fields, dancing people and cars. Everything accompanied by gentle music from Ludovico Einaudi. Description: Testing my new GH4/Canon C50/Sony FS4K/Blackmagic Production Camera with lens XYZ...
    Testing, testing, testing, testing, testing, testing, comparing, testing, testing.... Oh look, there´s 8K on the horizon. This time it won´t allow us to make any excuses because of bad equipment. Finally we can tell our stories. With 8K we can. Finally.
    But seriously, while all these predictable and influencable "I can´t because of bad equipment"-guys kept on excusing, complaining and distracting from their own incapability, my good old GH2 turned out to be a cash cow. The only thing my clients complaint about was the form factor of my GH2. The couldn´t imagine, how this tiny box would be capable of producing such a nice image. But it did. I`m self-employed since 2010 and I started with nothing but a GH2, some Canon FD lenses, an old Macbook Pro and ingenuity. As of this writing, I haven´t lost one single client, despite rolling shutter.
    Today, it´s not the money anymore that keeps me from buying a RED or a Canon C whatever, it´s the experience that you can do so many things with the tools that you already have. Most of the time, it´s your lack of skills and imagination that seperates you and your clients from being satisfied.
    The easiest thing to do is putting the blame on anything and anyone but yourself.
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    pchristoph got a reaction from odie in GH2 camera in -20c weather shooting 'client experience' promo   
    My GH2's continue to get used in the most demanding of environments. I shot this corporate piece using GH2's in minus 20 weather in Edmonton, Canada back in November. Not a single card error or power issue, using Flowmotion 2.02. Cameras were rock solid. The weather made the grease in the takumar lens barrels pretty sluggish but everything held up great for the exterior shots. I continue to use a full minus green gel fixed against the sensor and manually WB for superb balanced colors with zero green cast for all interior and exterior conditions. I used a Kessler pocket dolly for slides and an hd400 glidecam for upping the production value. Lift shots we're from a 60ft Genie we hired out. Interviews were shot with 50mm and 35mm (with speedbooster). Interior interview lighting was with a 1k to a 5x3 bounce and a couple of Lowell pro kickers for hair and background lighting. Edited and coloured in the much improved FCPX 10.1
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    pchristoph got a reaction from richg101 in SLR Magic anamorphic prototype V3 - Part 2 - The footage   
    I'd like to see some testing of SLR Magic anamorphic lens for sharpness at corners using a camera with full frame sensor or minimal crop factor. I'm not convinced it will have corner sharpness using a camera without a large crop factorsuch as BMCC. How about testing it on a GH2 with speedbooster? : ) Now that would be cool.
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    pchristoph got a reaction from Sean Cunningham in GH2 - {From Field To Flask} - canadian single malt distillery   
    Hey there everyone. I'm new to the forum, but a long time lerker : )
    Just wanted to share the latest thing I've completed for a really cool whisky distillery here on Vancouver Island. These small cameras are great tools that set us loose to create meaningful work.
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