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  1. Did you find a solution? I've ordered a Zeiss Digi diopter +.5 for my Isco 54 aswell! May I ask how much you got it for?
  2. it was a custom job by themselves. Hes willing to sell it if someone buys his iscorama 54, but I think he might be asking a too high price for it...
  3. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Anamorphic-iscorama54-Arriflex-28mm-40mm-100mm-T2-1-lens-set-/130969054679?pt=Camera_Lenses&hash=item1e7e5d2dd7     Where can I buy this kind of lens support clamp for my iscorama 54? Also willing to find the 80mm dia rear filter. I have sent him a message but no answer as of yet.
  4. Would it be possible to rehouse a Iscorama 54 in london?
  5. I also bhought one for my R1 MX. I love it.
  6. They do not cover FF! They were made for S35 sensors
  7. First of all, I must say I am a big fan of eoshd and all its content! All the anamorphic love is truely inspiring and one of the things I favor most! I am on my journey to hopefully becoming a great film maker, fullfilling my greatest dreams. I finally got hold of a Iscorama 54, aswell as being a very proud owner to a Red One MX BT. My next investment will be on personal lenses. I've been layin my eyes onto the Leica R summulix series, the 35mm, 50mm & 80mm f1.4. Which I think will be for great use both with and without the iscorama 54. I am just curious if you might have tried the Iscorama with some Leica R summilux? Do you think the Isco 54 would cover the Leica R 35mm 1.4 on S35?
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