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  1. That's a good tip dahlfors, I'll be sure to keep it in mind too. brucker. I have a question abou the redstan clamp and your lens - were you able to secure the anamorphic to the taking lens by screwing the clamp onto the anamorphic (using the pins to keep it stable)? Or are you relying only on the clamps to hold to the taking lens.
  2. You working on a GH2 now, cool. That redstan looks real solid. I was in touch with him but I had some Paypal problems so I tried the Vid-Atlantic first. I know I'm at the point of bugging him now but whatever, he comes highly recommended and I want one of his clamps! I'll send him an email. So your taking lens is a Zeiss. How do you like it? I'm not familiar with the shigascope either, do you have some footage you've shot with that set-up up?
  3. My bad I just saw your replies! I love Nagasaki (and Kyuushu in general). I'm in Tokyo though. Anyway. Since my last comment I managed to pick up 3 anamorphics. A Sankor 16-D, an Eiki 16C and a Kowa Prominar 16-S. I'm busy trying to get (one of) them attached so I can do some test shoots. I bought a clamp from Vid-Atlantic but its way to big on the anamorphic side (I think they're all in the 43, 49mm range). Vid-Atlantic's advice was gaffer tape. Yours looks even smaller, what was your set up?
  4. Thanks for all of the information guys, I was able to find my lenses on that wiki to so that was also helpful. Next step is to pick up a clamp from redstan or vid-atlantic and start testing with my kit lens. I'll post what I come up with ...
  5. hi brucker, thanks for the reply! I have a kit zoom lens for the GH2, Lumix G Vario 14-45mm (f/3.4-4.5). Thanks for the advice on shooting with what I have and the lens recommendations. When/if I start looking at other lens, I'll have a look at those. In the meantime, now I'm on the hunt for a clamp to get the lenses attached to each other ...
  6. Hello all this is my first post/comment. I've come into a Sankor 16-D, a Kowa Prominar 16-S and an Eiki 16C and I'm trying to get any and all information I can on how to get the most out of them. I'm shooting with a Panasonic GH2. I haven't picked up a prime lens to use with any of them as I'm not quite sure of the best one (or ones). I have picked up the Anamorphic Shooters Guide (2nd Edition) from EOSHD so I have some small idea. (I don't think any of these are actually listed in that guide though.)   Any advice would be helpful, which is lens is best, reliable and affordable adapters, best taking lenses, anything. I'm having trouble finding info on the internet but maybe there is a forum or guide that would be helpful somewhere I haven't looked.   Anyway, thanks and I'm looking forward to whatever help you all can offer.   ktrufant
  7. word. I'll get looking then. thanks!
  8. Hi I'm looking to get myself an anamorphic lens here in Japan. What auction site did you go to?
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