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  1. While there are various topics here and on other forums discussing for anamorphic adapters and the AG-LA7200 I thought it would be a nice idea to create a collection of knowledge about the best diopters to use with the Panasonic.   From what I have read so far diopters of strengths below +1 seem to suit the ag-la7200 the best in improving the overall image quality. +1 or greater diopters are used when even closer focus is needed.   +0.5 or similar diopters seem to be rare, even more at large diameters. 105mm seems to be the perfect size, because these can be simply "locked" in the ag-la7200s own lens hood. smaller or bigger diopters will require some sort of mounting solution.    There is a thread about using cokin P filters with velcro on to the lens hood. this seems to be a nice and cheap solution but cokin doesn't over diopters below +1 and because of their size you will be limited in focal lengths  (I believe one of the best thing about the panasonic is that you can use wide focal lengths...)   There is a +0.4 Tokina diopter at 72mm which seems to be pretty good but again this will limit you in focal length choice.    There is also a 105mm Kenko 0.5 diopter which seems like the perfect fit for the ag-la7200, but gain very rare...   Schneider and Tiffen make 138mm 0.5 diopters which can be bought new, pricy and these also need some sort of mounting solution.    Andrew made a post about a Foton-a-diopter +1 made for a lomo lens. Seems to be great paired with the Panasonic, quite similar form factor. but seems to be bloody rare...     Please share your experience with diopters on the Panasonic Ag-la7200! I'm sure there are more that could be used. Maybe you even know places to get them?   Thanks a lot.
  2. And whats the widest focal lengths before these diopters will couse vignetting? 
  3. teh

    Iscorama 1060 MC

    hm interesting, I was told it has a minimum distance of about 2meters and is equiped with red stan clamps for mounting.
  4. where did you guys buy the cokin p diopters?   thanks
  5. Hello everybody,   I just recently started to look into anamorphic lenses and adapters. I always loved the look but never tried it myself. I have a narrative short film project coming up, where I would love to get the anamorphic "look" as I think it would fit very nicely.   I did some research and so far I think that the Panasonic AG-LA7200 would be the best choice for me. I really need to be able to rack focus so there aren't many choices obviously.    I started a search on Dvxuser and had somebody offer me an alternative. It's the "Iscorama 1060 MC". From what the seller told me it sounds pretty nice. You can focus with your normal lens, it has better optics than the Panasonic and its easier to use diopters with this adapter (that's what he said).    Of course I am open to alternatives but I really had a hard time finding information about this lens. There is just a little bit on wikipedia but thats pretty much it. No videos either...   The seller linked a video which was shoot using an Isco MC 2000, which is pretty close to the 1060 MC according to him. vimeo.com/28203770   I don't want to spend money on something I don't know or on which I can't find much information and at 1500$ it is not exactly cheap... and it's way more then I wanted to spend actually...   I would be very glad if somebody has any information on this lens that the could share!   Thanks a lot.
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