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  1. I have a mint 54 [single coated] but I couldn't justify the money on what would be largely an aesthetic based re-housing.


    I guess if VanD could improve minimum focusing, add gearing & incorporate a support into the housing design people may go for it.

  2. I love the Voigt 25mm f0.95 with my pre 36 Isco [VanDieman upgraded] to my eye it's a stunning match with the 'creamy' Voigt. [Camera being BMCC mft & BMPCC] Be aware - depending on the camera you're using you will get some noticeable barrel reflections shooting into light tho - you'll need to flag it if your not into that look.


    note:ever since it's release I've used the Voigt 25mm/Isco 54/Pana AF100 combo [as my pre 36 vignetted on the AF100].


    Rob is bang on the money re the Nikkor S 55mm f1.2 - also one of my past favourite combo's with the Isco pre 36 [but shooting mainly BMCCmft & BMPCC now has changed my glass combo's]

  3. I just gotta say for me VanDiemen's service has been faultless, a 6 or 8 month turnaround will breach the temporary import conditions of item entry anyway. The worst part was leaving my 1968 Mint S/Coated Isco-wammy at the local Post Office!


    to be sent far, far away...


    Well it arrived at VanD's safely - one step closer - and The Bowmore's Single Malt did taste extra fine this evening as I pondered over the age old adage "No Risk No Rush"


    To Be Cont.      : )

  4. Not sure what Camera your using Paulio but I've had great results with Panasonic X 35 -100mm f2.8 [being IF] although 'barrel' flares sometimes show up the narrower diameter. My 'Nikon' Iscorama [30mm rear element] is at Vandeimen Films for rehousing so I can't put up anything at the mo...  

  5. Nice one! & I love the approach - we shot studio floor monitors all the time in the good old analogue days [using feedback/Cam defocus]


    for fx patch back into analogue Grass Valley & Ampex vision switchers - before DVE's were even heard of  : )

  6. "Hey Zmu, do you mind if I copy this post of yours into the Diopter thread? Never heard of these Focar before!  :)"


    copy away : )


    Interestingly 95mm filters crop on the 54 /Voigt 25mm f.95/AF100 - but 112mm filters don't : )

    [this combo is by far my fav - amazing 1.5x organic images!]


    However the Focars are amazing with the 54/Pana Lumix 35-100 f2.8/GH2 or AF100



  7. If you're after close up filters add '95mm Focar A' & '95mm Focar B' to your list of Ebay saved searches - these are vintage Voigtlander +1 & +2 diopters. I believe they were made to suit an early Voigt zoom lens and are quality plus.


    I say this because I just picked up a mint 95mm Focar B for $50!

  8. I was close with first post re Photo Higher Halo Gimbal - this is a game changer regardless of price point - this not a rig you shoot home movies with Vincent was correct with his headline - it's not a hobbyist rig   ....but it soon will be  : )

  9. Photo Higher are releasing their Halo series [direct drive] gimbals - I inquired about the pricing/shipping of the Halo 2000 to put on my modified Glidecam X10 rig ala the Mk V AR - reply was '...being released at NAB - keep in touch'

  10. Even worse, the scammers are trying to ride the Ebay anamooorphic wave


    watch out for 2 Isco 36's [1 is a pentax m42] from US 'Buy It Now'  $2,500USD


    you have to email them with yr details - they send a bogus Ebay invoice - you pay they run!!


    "...drop your linen and start your grinnin"

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