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  1. If there's no response he's away working - I'm the same, 1 minute I'm home for a month, then away I'm away on a gig for 3 or more months.


    Try and avoid any 'deadline' purchase via internet. I don't factor any new kit in a quote/job till I got it home 'n tested.


    Redstan's the Man.

  2. Cheers itimjim - shot @T5.6/800ISO - focus @ infinity


    I was actually surprised at the results for a first test - the SLR 12mm is an odd lens, I can't seem to get infinity focus with or without the 7200. But it offers a dramatic perspective to an anamorphic image - but I need to find a way to get it crisp at infinity. 


    I haven't used my 7200 without low powered diopters since I can remember . I own a 36 & a 54 but if I can get this working properly the 7200 will proove it's unique worth. I'm going to contact SLR Magic re the focus and see what they say. The other oddity are the flares - they arc the exact opposite to the horizontal distortion of the taking lens. I got more footage shot on the AF102 which I'll post when I get a chance.


    this little experiment might end up being a waste of time & money - but I love to tinker : )

  3. I don't have any footage with 12mm - but I do have some with the Pana 14mm I used on another [paid] broadcast shoot - I also have some examples using the Pana 14-42mm - I have to get clearance on some of this footage - I'll be as quick as I can.


    ps Richy I merely used your own words to describe your work - I'm sorry that you felt 'attacked' 

  4. Hey richy101 you're a funny guy.... [& hey have we met before?]


    [vimeo test shoot... I like it, a perfect description of all you're online content, you don't post your wedding videos because you think they undermine your credibility - that's arrogance, inexperience & fear my young friend - wedding shooters work bloody hard for their money and they get one crack at it.


    and so now we begin to understand all this big talk about focus & vaseline, oh dear interesting that you haven't rejected or even questioned the 720p rez? WTF? Vimeo is Vimeo so stop using it to write off peoples work - your a constant contradiction.


    man, I'm sure I've met you before...


    I've been in the broadcast/advertising/film industry since 1983, I've ran my own production company since 1999 I live and work in lil' 'ol Adelaide South Australia, but my work takes me all over the place ...Melbourne, Sydney, New York & Paris


    [now stay with me here RichyRich - stop eyeing off that tub of Vaseline]


    we don't give a shit about your 'criteria' Richy ..all we we want for xmas is that you stop polluting this forum with such an arrogant bullshit attitude. You've made this thread all about you - because our challenge apparenlty is now to 'prove you wrong' ??? WTF go and start your own thread and  ...oh tried that did you and no one replied?


    OMG yes, I knew it, I have met you before many times, your the big mouth know it all that puts himself above the rest of the crew - till you fuck something up  - and then curl up crying in a little ball. I've seen it all before...


    Hey, let me know if you're keen for some work I'll fly you down my way and you can make some real money assisting me, I save on lighting because we can shoot by the glow of your brilliance 


    I cant wait for your reply Mr Razor Sharp 300m... dazzle us all ...which way you gonna go? I'm thinking it's all just a big misunderstanding and you're being treated very unfairly - you accidently dropped your Century in the Vaseline right?


    ps 'projection' is what a good stage actor has - oh sorry you meant something else? do forgive me it was just a bit   ...vague?


    yes ok Rich now you can have the tub of Vaseline...


    @ teh - my apologies

  5. I'll work on getting some 7200/Voigt 17.5mm & Oly 14-35mm footage up on my very neglected Vimeo page


    meanwhile here's some footage I shot & graded for a TVC using the Voigt 25mm f.95 with a [cheap&nasty]Soligor 1.33x adaptor - without the Tokina +.5 Achro the Soligor is completely unusable for anything  ...far far worse than a 7200 with no diopter. 


    Both m4/3 Voigts [17.5mm & 25mm] are my fav's by far - they have an 'organic' character about them - most importantly of all is perhaps the fact that they can focus slightly beyond infinity [which is apparently not unique] I think these lenses are beautiful when used with a 7200 & +.3 105mm c/u filter.

    The BMCC m4/3 version is gonna be an interesting addition in this formula.

  6. I have a Kenko +.3 105mm close up filter which is almost fused to my 7200 now [it cost approx $270US new on ebay 12months ago].


    But I think you cant just talk 7200 & diopter combo's - the taking lens figures hugely in this equation[from my experience anyway].


    My favourite combo: Kenko +.3/7200/Voigtlander 17.5mm f.95 [other fav combo: Kenko +.3/7200/Olympus 14-35mm F2 [crops around 20mm] cam: GH2/AF102

  7. Hey Tony - I have one of your Tokina Achro's - it is the only diopter that makes my little Soligor Ana adapter usable - it goes from being a nightmare to a wet dream the difference is astonishing!


    For the record do you know of any 112mm or larger low powered Achro's - just a brand name and filter dimension will be a huge help in my endless Google quest.    : )

  8. I've just ordered the Pana 35-100mm f2.8 to use with my 54/AF102/GH2 - I'll let you know the results.

    But don't forget the BMCC m4/3 mount isn't powered. [yet]


    ps : I've used the Pana 14-140mm with my 54 which cropped @ 28mm I had the 54 on a 15mm rail lens support setup - the 54 was so heavy that it allowed the support to side smoothly in & out on carbon rods. With no power zoom the manual zooming action worked great - not to mention the OIS!

  9. Thanks for the info to my question folks : ) I'm not sure I have the balls to do this mod [at the moment anyway] But I was wondering if there is any possibility of freeing up the 'tight' focusing action at the same time as doing this mod - or do you need to be a qualified lens tech to go any further into dissassembly?     

  10. That's an interesting consideration BRoades - especially if the anamorphic adapters in question are single glass element designs - are we stumbling across augmentations [in the case of using some low powered close up diopters] that unleash the quality of earlier multi element anamorphic adapter designs? For me the holy grail is a 112mm + .025 Achromat filter.

  11. I use the LA 7200 professionally all the time. [I shoot on GH2 & AF102]

    Glass config: LA 7200/Kenko 105mm .03 Close Up Filter/Voigtlander 17.5mm f.95

    I must say this setup hits some sort of major 'sweet spot'! I haven't taken off the Kenko .03 filter for months.  

    To me the focal range is astonishing and I have even picked up [carefully composed] shots @ f.95!

    I own a lot of glass but nothing comes close to the Voigtlander 17.5mm f.95 & Voigtlander 25mm f.95[which I use with 

    an Isco 54 on my AF102] 

    I bought the Kenko on Ebay for under 300 bucks - for my money this setup is worth chasing up! 

    ps my other favourite LA 7200 set up is: LA 7200/Kenko 105mm .03 Close Up Filter/Olympus 14-35mm f2[crops@20mm]

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