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  1.   I respect that T. If you thought my post was directed at you, it wasn't.    I think building off of your comment that nobody but the DB team really know whats going on, I find it counter productive to speculate in an under-educated way that I've perceived a little bit in these pages. I think its worth it to look at this camera as a what it can and will do as opposed to what it can't, and won't do. Some people are at risk of stuffing their feet in their mouthes and looking like kooks at the end of the day when this thing ships. But alas, we are all hiding behind our keyboards  B)
  2. Some people seem to think they know alot about whats-what in the case of this camera. I often go back through forums and see what people have said before camera systems have been released. With the DB, it will be no different. #pissingmatch 
  3. Ugh Fuck, spare us your baited pissing contest Sean.    :blink:
  4.   http://vimeo.com/55094977   This amazing video was filmed with a Jamcopter and a hacked GH2. Enjoy :)
  5. My comments weren't intended to ruffle any feathers whatsoever. I respect Andrews reply to what I had written, and the other posters baiting for a harsher response is really lame. The dog town and Z boys reference is understood, but not well met with what I was referring to. Daily, there are oodles of video pieces like this one going up on prominent skateboard-video content providers ( hellaclips.com, skatedaily.net etc) that do just aswell getting their message across, but also couple that with the proper filming of skateboarding. Thanks for all the hard work you do, Andrew! I check this site alot and am new posting.  
  6. As someone who films skateboarding, and is immersed in quite deeply, that missed the mark for me. As far as showing what skateland is and does, you nailed it, sure. I would have loved to see a little more research gone into the actuality of filming skateboarding. The slow-mo was bad, general practice for that should have been time-remapping, or ramping in after effects. It's clear you dont skate, nor have seen many skateboarding films. Please correct me if I am wrong. As far as the GH3 goes though, Im sold. I feel this video is just another delivery from someone who does not know the medium well, and it is a little insulting sometimes.
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