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  1. No prob!   Non MC = non multi coated MC = multi coated.   MC lenses subdue the lens flare...  
  2. Also glad someone's come up with something like that. nice work. I would think there are major side effects to this treatment though. trouble with matteboxes, changing taking lenses, recharging another set of batteries, and more electronics that could possibly malfunction... And what if your anamorphic adapter has a stiffer focus throw than your taking lens - you may have to get them all regreased before being able to use this, Is it possible to make a purely mechanical one that can be user calibrated? anyway again bravo to the makers of that. step in the right direction
  3. Thanks Suigeneris2. I would be interested. Let me know.
  4. Looking to buy an Iscorama 36 Anamorphic.  Non Multicoated and in great condition. Will pay at least average selling price or more.  Would consider an Isco 54 if it's also Non-MC and great condition.  Email me at freakse(at)gmail.com I have verified Paypal or could meet local Philly/NYC pickup.  eBay's been looking bleak lately... Thanks! Erik
  5. What are the screws that hold the lens made out of?  metal or plastic?  metal ones have cosmetically damaged my anamorphics before
  6. Oh man. That's sad.  I just got a pm from him a few days ago with details about the cost of a purchase too.  
  7. Thanks Julian,   I really appreciate the response.   I'm looking for something wider preferably.  I bought the helios off of Andrew Reids recommendation, but it's just too telephoto for me on a GH2.   Something that flares as nicely too at about a 25mm would be great.  I hear the FD lenses are good.  Will take a look at the minolta.   E  
  8. What are the best taking lenses for a Kowa Bell/Howell? I already have a Helios 58mm.   Just switched to a GH3 from a Canon 7D and looking for recommendations.   Thank you!! Erik    
  9. Thanks for the reply John, I really appreciate it. That clears things up!   Erik
  10. Hi.   New here.  Read Andrew Reid's guide a couple times, been shooting, and doing a lot of research.  I'm not super technical, but had a couple questions.  I really love the look.  Thanks in advance.   1.  For digital, if an anamorphic squeezes a larger amount of area onto the same area a spherical uses, is this a reason why anamorphics are softer?  I would think it takes more light rays to light a larger area, so how can an anamorphic fit this larger area with more light rays onto the same sensor a spherical would fit without losing resolution?   2. Are all anamorphics attached to spherical?  I've never worked with hawks or panavisions before.  They are also part spherical internally?  Is it possible to make an anamorphic that goes straight to the sensor without the spherical taking lens at all?   3. Has Isco's patent run out?  Are companies allowed to replicate their set-the-taking-lens-to-infinity focus mechanism yet?   4. Technically how is an anamorphic flare made?  Just curious about what I'm actually seeing.  The point of the source light is strong enough that all of them hit the anamorphic lens and stretches horizontally over the taking lens's surface before hitting the sensor?   Thanks again. Erik      
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