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    GH3 Hack

    I dont agree. The 30 min record limit means I have to hire a camera when filming conferences and as its a UK restriction hack should be possible (I notice you are also in bbristol UK, lets meet for a beer). Also the non ibtraframe bitrate is far to low to be usefull. Lastly (and probably not possible) preking would be good. Its a great camera but not perfect.
  2. Hi,  I have just got a Olympus 0.8 wide angle adapter lens (0.8) to put om my Lumix 14-140 lens. If I get a 62-49 step down converter ring I could fit it on my 20mm 1.7 lens but will it work (will the ring move the lens to far from the lens and cause focus problems).   Ben .    
  3. Really like the Ruige but hate the focus zoom peeking feature, you have to press a button once to do zoom then again to turn on peeking in zoom, I just want peeking on all the time (without zoom).  It looks like the Lilliput has peeking but cant find much info.  It does not mention it on there website but others who are selling it say it has peeking.     So has anyone use the Lilliput / Ruige.  Does the Liliput have focus peeking, how well does it work, is the Ruige better in other ways?   Ben
  4.   Cool, without rendering? Can you do AVCHD After Effects Roundtrip?   Ben
  5.   You will not 'need' the sandisk extreme pro, any Class 10 card will be more than fast enough, unless of course you are hacking camera.  To Hack or not to hack is a difficult question because almost all the hacks tent to create instability and with the GH3 is is probably not necessary (and I dont think it is possible yet)..    I would go for a well know branded make (Kingston/Sandisk) for reliability but you dont need the most expensive.
  6. Just to add my 10 cents worth for what you are doing Vegas, FCP 7, FCP X and Premiere will all do (I have used Vegas, FCP 7 and Premiere quite a lot and did have a play with FCP X).     I do some long form stuff so dont like Vegas as it does not have sequences. You can nest projects and have several open at once but this is a pain when you have more than a hand full of sequences.  Also a lot of peole are using sequences rather than bins as it allows footage to be easily found (you can put all your 'beach at night' shots in one sequence and scrub thought all the footage to find what you want).   What is great about Premiere is the After Effects/Audition roundtrip.  It is also used more by facilities houses than FCP X so this may affect the work you get (Premiere is now considered one of the big boys with Avid and FCP so it is becoming a industry standard).   Platform is a bit of an issue.  Obviously with FCP X you need mac.  Premiere does run on both Mac and Windows but performs slightly better on Windows. I have a dual boot Hackingtosh, I was first using Mac but switched to windows as it was not playing smoothly.   I personally thinks mac is overpriced (I did previously have a macpro but upgraded to a windows box) and with thre new laptops you cant even change the batteries which is taking the piss IMHO.   So I think my answer is Windows/Premiere Pro (Get production Premium package which has After Effects and audition).   Ben
  7. I has just got a GH3 and in the manual is gives MBPS (mega-bits per second) as the data rate for the various recording formats but does not say how much video can be recorder per MB. I have therefore tried to work out the MB/s for these formats and how much video they can record on a 32GB card. I am doing this for 50 MBPS (MOV FHD/50P) but the same logic can be applied to other data-rates. First I need to convert MBPS to MB/s, I believe I have to divide MBPS by 8 to get this. Then I need to know how many MB there are in 32GB which is 32*1024 = 32768 Then I need to work out how many seconds the card will record ( 32768 / MB/s )I then divide by 60 to get how many minutes the card records. So here is the calculation 50 MBPS / 8 = 6.25 MB/s (I.e. any class 10 card should be fast enough) 32768 / 6.25 = 5242.88 seconds / 60 = 87.38 minutes So a 32GB card can record 87.38 minutes of video at a data-rate of 50 MBPS. (I did the same calculation for 28 MBPS (AVCHD 50P) and got 156.04 minutes)   Does this sound correct?   Ben
  8. Thanks, in terms of increased noise I would imagine this is only an issue if you mount microphone directly on the camer, easily solved by using a rig or a bracket.  I am told the adapter has been moded so I get infinity focus (is this what you mean by focus issues).    Ben
  9. Hi, have been reading about ETC mode and first thought it created x2 tele so had a look at manual whitch says   On page 119 of the manual (PDF @ http://tda.panasonic-europe-service.com/docs/2z50dc92e0z3z37e7ez656ez706466z22z7c1b734e6d4dd10b6a378591305e4a83aa750008/tsn2/data/ALL/DMCGH3EG/OI/898680/vqt4m64.pdf) it says:   When recording motion pictures: 2.4   and has the following footnote   When recording quality setting [FHD/25p], [FHD/24p], [FHD/25p/ ] or [FHD/24p/ ] is selected: When [HD/25p] is selected, Extra Tele Conversion factor will change to 3.6k. When [VGA/25p] is selected, Extra Tele Conversion factor will change to 4.8k. Pictures cannot be enlarged by using Extra Tele Conversion in the following conditions (1k). • When [FHD/50p], [FHD/50i], [HD/50p/ ] is set. • When [Frame Rate] is set to [40% ] or [48% ]. • [Toy Effect] (Creative Control Mode)   So I guess it is saying we get 2.4 when using "[FHD/25p], [FHD/24p], [FHD/25p/ ] or [FHD/24p/ ]" so 20mm becomes 48mm. Is this correct?   So I then looked in the manual for a definition of what FHD is, with out any luck;(.  Anyone know what FHD is?   Ben  
  10. Hi, I came across the above lens which can be used wit the GH3 in ETC mode, was wondering if it was likely to be able to 'resolve' a HD image (i.e. will the optics be high enough quality for HD?   This lens will not cover whole sensor so in ETC mode (FHD/25p) is would become the equivalent of a 24mm lens?   Ben
  11. Yes, heard very good things about Century Optics, I had one for my PD150.  WAs wondering if there was anything a little cheaper.
  12. Hi, although wide angle adapters are not ideal I have found they work well, as long as you get a decent quality one. I have a sony one for my Z1 and used it a lot without any noticeable loss of quality. Was wondering if anyone had tried any with the 14-140 lens and how they got on with it? Whitch make was it. I have found one at http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ProTama-Wi...-/330820901777 (ProTama Wide-Angle Conversion Lens with Marco DSLR-06II 0.6x 62mm) which looks promising. What do people think? Ben
  13. Sorry, posted this is error, did not realise you could not delete posts.  If an admin reads this can they please delete the post.
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