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  1. Thank you very very much for the comparison, very helpful in making buying decisions when one lives like me in a remote area and can't get hold of any of the cams. Jurgen
  2. I downloaded the VG900 user manual and it says that the user can switch on/off the automatic detection of APS-C mount of lenses. I also emailed Sony to know if using full frame lenses via an adapter to E-mount (like in my case Leica M) using an M->E mount adapter and still use full frame mode is possible. Sony's answer was "yes but you need to be sure that the adapter was built for full frame lenses." My interpretation is that one needs to check if the adapter throws vignettes or not.
  3. Hi, in the Blackmagic Cine Camera review from Nov 13th is a photo of the BMCC standing next to a VG900. As the VG900 is an interesting cam (full 35mm frame) I wish I could expect a review of the Sony here any time soon. - I'm burning to read a reliable review somewhere, the cam is in the shops but so far there's only some garbage footage drifting on the net, nobody has looked a bit deeper in the most interesting functions of that cam. So can we see a review of the VG900 here soon? Anybody knows? Best regards Jurgen [attachment=313:BMCC review Nov13.jpg]
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