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  1. For me In order of importance for a digital bolex II: 1) Fine Color discrimination (like the original DB, glorious colors) 2) Eddie's Bolex Log (it is very flexible and easy to use) 3) dynamic range +2 stops with the new EMCCD 4) I don't ask for crazy high iso... the last firware update has improved the digital bolex in that regard, noise is very filmic. OK, Blackmagic does 800-1600 iso, I love the BMPCC but its sensor show IR contamination in low-light scenarios (think, for example, a documentary scene in a street with tungsten light need a lot of work in post to correct
  2. Fantastic! The filmmaker comunity really miss CCD/EMCCD camera Eddie has dramatically improved the D16 in the last year, his name is a warranty. I will be happy to support a new EMCCD camera project. +1 for kickstarter
  3. Jonatan, your video is fantastic. I have worked with the pocket in the past, now I am going to buy a micro cinema camera. I've noticed that colors are a bit different. How did you grade the footage? Is it possible to get a couple of dng files from your video? Second question: have you used any IR filter?
  4. hi brucker, it would be nice to watch some professional footage with c-mount lens, on vimeo there is only Andrew's video! ;) Please upload something when you will get some footage! ;)
  5. Hi, I am on a low budget, I was thinking of buying a gh2, however good quality lenses (a decent 14mm wide angle, a good 25mm lens as "normal lens") and stabilizers cost too much for me. In your opinion a J1 with c-mount lenses (like 10mm bolex and 25mm pentax 1.4) could compete in terms of video quality with a nex5/nex5n with kit lens only and some cheap old MF lens (like md 50mm 1.8, vivitar 35mm 2.8 etc..)? I've seen lots of students wasting their money for excellent body like gh2 and at the same time crapy lenses, crapy light, no stabilizers, no follow focus.. I was search
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