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  1. the camera’s weather sealed body and lack of fan excluded the use of the more complex XF / H.264 codec of the C300 Mark II. As the 1D X Mark II is built for absolute reliability, overheating must be avoided.


    An anonymous insider just revealed that Canon will be producing smartphones!

    Unfortunately, there's lots of data processing, so the smartphone from Canon will require several heat fans. There are two prototypes at the moment, differently sized... We are pleased to reveal them.

    Here they go!

















  2. Version 12 is out, and it is painfully slow (for me), even with no editing, does not support AVI container (Pentax K-5), etc etc. Still it's great to try grading there, though i'd like to speed it up a bit. What kind of GPU acceleration does it use? CUDA or OpenCL? What impact does it make in grading?

  3. ​Isnt it best to give the camera/codec the whole range to work with and raise the blacks in post?

    ​It depends highly on codec settings. For example, there is a "psychovisual enhancement" technique which generally applies less bitrate to blacks, compressing them tightly and destroying all detail there. It's good when your goal is to make a small delivery file, but bad for acquisition. H.26x are the delivery formats, so they have their flaws. If you want to record the noise floor texture while your codec makes smooth blacks, you'll have to put it at a higher place.


  4. New Shogun review from Dave Dugmore: http://www.learningdslrvideo.com/atomos-shogun-review/.

    ​I could not see any difference with the GH4 using green screen 4:2:2 vs 4:2:0. I tried looking at all the different channels in Photoshop to see which one had more detail, but I couldn’t see any difference.

    That's interesting, because Stefan Czech's review revealed a prominent difference in gradients shot 4:2:2 vs 4:2:0. Much more prominent that 10bit vs 8 bit (GH4).

  5. Because of the H.265 It will need to be converted. My question was more aimed if the MacBook Pro 15in maxed out can handle the transcode process decently or if I really need to go to a desktop where I can have a more powerful machine. My goal would be to stay with a Laptop because of my travel requirements, but if a desktop would be necessary I could manage.

    Grab some samples and try them!

  6. ​not that I don't appreciate the parallel, but I doubt communism was ever gonna lead to innovations that offer us the nice camera toys we get to play with.

    ​Well, i bet Brits appreciate their health care system not less than their consumer cameras :) And their "from cradle to grave" system was derived from the Soviet one. Communism had started as a capitalism critic aimed at gaining more social justice, and at that matter it made a great contribution into modern west's way of life.

    Anyway, NKR at its present state is a sad joke.

    P.S. Interestingly, we have several investment projects here, SK invited, and they're saying - "bring the NKs here to, so we can work with them together". People want to be reunited.

    P.P.S. Give them proper feeding and the new generation children will be tall and beautiful.

  7. ​the difference between internal recording and the recording in shogun is hardly visible.  stefan czech did a technical test in his new shogun tutorial video that shows the main difference, here is a screenshot:

    gh4 shogun.JPG

    ​Hmm, what this jpeg example shows to me is that going to 4:2:2 from 4:2:0 is more important than 10bit vs 8bit when it comes to banding.

  8. The joke about the basketball hoops needing to be lowered isn't about North Korea, it's about a race of people, that the filmmakers get a kick out of portraying as weird small people who speak funny

    I haven't seen the film - isn't that joke about a guy who likes to play with his personal circus, which unfortunately is a country?

    Korean basketball is OK


  9. ​Hey, you don't trust me GMaximus? hehe ;)

    ​It just didn't make sense for me, been using MPC for years, tried it with h.265 for sure, it didn't use hardware acceleration and was as slow as VLC.

    But they did improve h.265 playback in v.1.77:

    • LAV Video: HEVC decoding is up to 100% faster
    • Ticket #4783, LAV Video: Experimental support for hardware (CUVID and DXVA2) assisted decoding of HEVC streams (disabled by default)

    Have to try DXVA with it.

  10. In science when you want to study one variable you hold all the others stable. It's just common sense.

    Doesn't work in quantum mechanics and camera discussions ))

    Simply put: camera sensors usually only capture 1/3 the resolution. So 4K is closer to 1080, but still isn't actually 1080.

    True, image capturing process doesn't allow a 100% resolution, but in general, regarding modern consumer stills cameras, a 30% oversampling provides a perfectly acceptable detalization. That's about 5.3k, close to what nx1 is doing.
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