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  1.     Of course if you are shooting a commercial gig with between 20k to 100k of productions cost per day, you will bother to save few hundred of dollars for rent over taking an Alexa or an Epic and shoot it with the thingy. BTW, testing something for a couple of months, is worth a lot of money and time from your life that you will never get back.
  2. Needless to say, it looks extremely good. :) Yet, the workflow is for huber geeks only and I'm afraid it will stay too geeky for long time, plus reliability will always be a concern. Unless there will be developments that will make an hacked 5d3 practical to work with, I would use it, only on tests, my own training and personal shooting that does not involve any production costs or involvement of other people time. The new Black Magic with the super 35 sensor will always be a more practical solution. And if time has a value to any of you guys, on the long run BM would also be a less expensive solution as well. BTW, I'm pretty sure canon knew this was going to happens, and they will be very happy to sell more of these cameras and not having to bother to honor any warranty. Plus it will hardly put a dent on the other Canon expensive camera sales. Who can afford them, have not time to bother with these hacked thingies.
  3.     Yeah right.... like going around promoting like that costs nothing. Or do you also think that suppliers and people that showed up for free on shooting days, did not get an agreement beforehand that if the film earn any cash they will be paid?   Anyway, if he will make a million he will be fine, but at few hundred k he is receiving a lot of phone calls from people who were on set and thereabouts.   My "uneducated" guess comes from having been on two gigs like this one. One, had an "official" 200k shooting budget and the blessing of Martin Scorsese on the opening score (not one of his pennies though),  it made well at festivals, sold few DVD, plenty of nice people were talking on to each other ears about it, all that kind of BS and cashed a little over a million, yet it was barely enough.   take care every one.
  4. He did a good job, a part for releasing the typical starving artist story which will keep viewers away from the theater. yet with 300k you are still under water big time. of those 300k very little can go back to cover productions costs. there are so many hidden costs that are never mentioned and this kind of articles and generally are worth more than the "official" cash used to put the gig together.
  5. Although it looks well filmed and acted, i do not get all the excitement. 300k after 4 weeks in the US means nobody is giving a damn about this film. there is nothing better than releasing a depressing movie to stay unsuccessful. sorry guys time to wake up!
  6. If theirs cameras can show up at the play ground, they have a chance. So far they can barely deliver some units. Very disapointing.
  7. Here in Tokyo all proper electronic stores (Yodobashi, Bic Camera Labi etc...) sell 4k TV staring at 5/6000 euros for the 50", up to 15000 euros for the Sony 80 something inches. Although i'm not a fan of these hyper high def TV, for the same reasons as our host has explained, I have to say the the image quality is stunning and I can see the difference from regular 1080p tv, without any effort at a viewing distance between 3 to 5meters. Then, if they are selling like hot cakes, or they are sitting on the warehouses I have not idea, but they are on display almost everywhere. The 83 inches Sony is outstanding and I could see advertising agencies and media related business using it for presentations. Photos look as good as on an Eizo monitor, just bigger.
  8. IMO, the best way to pay for the EOS 1DC is to get paid 20 grands a pop. ;) of course when you are on that league, you would not touch a camera like this with a 20 meters long pole. ....maybe as a crash camera or on a car mount.   This is a camera for rental houses.
  9. Just the though of L lenses on a E mount Sony, gives me the willies. Sony got their Alpha lenses, especially the Zeiss ones, that give a better look for narrative filming. Just a though. :)
  10. I was about to write that I did not noticed this issue, since I was not looking/searching for that kind of stuff.... The imagery looks outstanding. Yes, some clips have some hints of video look on some part of the images, yet you notice only if you are looking for that kind of stuff. but sure you will take care of it in post. then again, who cares... over all the look of the images is plenty good. The story seems very promising and i'm looking forward to see your film when it will be wrapped. Congratulations with your work!
  11. No more 4k worries: http://www.redsharknews.com/production/item/351-1st-pic-of-sony-consumer-4k-camcorder
  12. One example on how an A99 should be used. [url="https://vimeo.com/52031763"]https://vimeo.com/52031763[/url] Although we could always look for ways of generating moire and aliasing if we like spend our time doing that, but that is just an exercise that will not put bread on the table, unless we run one of those cameras testing sites, of course. ;) cheers every one.
  13. Isn't the a99 still carrying non final firmware? I would not care too much about the moiree or aliasing. Final viewers, including clients, will not even notice. And, if I have to shoot something like scene at the grocery store, I would use a proper video camera or use a wider aperture, so all those cans on the shelves, that are very distracting anyway, would be slightly softer. Stick a fast prime or a proper Zeiss/Sony zoom and use this camera for what is meant to be used, you will not even have to worry about moire and aliasing. :) For stills, the quality of its images is stunning though. At this stage, I would say, only price is a few hundred dollars of the mark. although the yen lately has been appreciating and that does not bode well for our USD or Euros. I think that is also one of the reasons why the new 5D is 3500 dollars.
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