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  1. You wrote "The A7R II with it’s unusable 25p sunspot problem is one of them." - I assume you meant the A7SII?
  2. I suggest distinguishing more between the gamma profile and the color gamut which can be choosen seperately in the PP-settings of Sony A7S / A7RII / A7SII. My personal recommendation is to use the "Movie" color setting together with cine gamma 2 oder cine gamma 4. Red is not purple anymore and green isn't dominating anymore. Even though S-Gamma may preserve some more of the sensor's dynamic range, in a 8 bit corset you get banding too quickly after stretching in post processing. When recording to memory card inside the camera, it is even more compressed (using only values between 16 and 235).
  3. In my opinion the price you pay for loss in corner (especially when using 4K) when using the Speedbooster in most cases is not worth the one stop gain. In my tests the difference between A7S (full frame 4K recorded with Shogon) and A7RII (super35 mode) at ISO 25600 is extremely little:
  4. Thanks for the review. I agree that Sony could squeeze more out of the hardware. I would even presume, that it would have been possible to get 4K from the hardware and also 10 Bit uncompressed HDMI should have been possible, so it seems more a marketing based decision in order to protect sales of their dedicated video cameras. But I disagree that there is no significant progress compared to a NEX-7. In fact the footage from my A7R is definitely sharper than from my NEX-7 and especially in low light situations you get a much better picture (less noise and far better colour preservation).
  5. [quote name='Rinaldo' timestamp='1349007254' post='19236'] Hope these lenses have their focus ring turning to the 'right side', unlike the 12/1.6. This made me choose Oly 12/2 over slr magic's 12mm. [/quote] The 12mm/T1.6 is available in two versions turning into opposite directions. Those who are interested to see how the new lenses perform on APS-C and full frame may have a look here: [url="http://www.3d-kraft.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=129:almost-perfection-1st-test-of-a-slr-magic-hyperprime-cine-35mm-t095-prototype&
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