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  1. To be fair, the C100 is now $4999. And I wouldn't be surprised if by NAB Canon drops the price again, perhaps to $4599-4699. But yeah, still neat that the GH4 is still priced well below (and gives 4K).
  2. You realize there have been plenty of big-budget flops before Spielberg made his "prediction", right? And that studios have plenty of accounting and distribution tricks to help them cover the loss of a dismal initial theatrical run?   I don't see how this one, relatively unsurprisingly example - in a year of ludicrously successful franchise hits like Ironman, Superman, etc - constitutes "bringing the system to its knees."
  3. Unfortunately, from the clips that have been posted on Youtube so far, it appears that moire/aliasing rears its ugly head. It isn't nearly as noticeable as on the D800, but it isn't as clean as the Mk III either. So, between this, the lack of aperture control for electronic lenses while recording, and the questionable stock bitrate...I'm losing hope that this will be the industry shaker that I had hoped it would be.
  4. [quote name='Zach' timestamp='1348081586' post='18616'] OR just get the D600 for the same price and headphone jack :) [/quote] Sure - I thought the same thing, except for a few big problems I discovered: Cannot adjust aperture in Live View while recording (why this oversight??? [b]argh[/b].) Pitifully inadequate codec (max 24mbps H264) and unlikely to be hacked. Carrying around an external recorder at all times is simply not practical. Unknown moire situation (could be fine, but until testing, this is an unknown). Otherwise, I do think the D600 is very cool. But those issues really do kill it being a perfect alternative to the 6D. Sad, because Nikon could have blown Canon out of the water.
  5. [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1348002334' post='18517'] Totally bizarre isn't it? [/quote] I thought it was strange at first, too. But then I thought - what's the BFD? No one is going to rely on the built-in mic anyway...so with the help of a $30 cable, you can monitor audio from the audio input jack. Or, if you're using a Beacktek XLR unit, that has its own headphone jack. Once you've set the levels on the Mk III to match the Beachtek, why would anyone need a headphone jack on the Mk III? The 6D seems otherwise a great way to save $1000+ and get a more nimble 5D body.
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