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  1. Focus Peaking would be nice, but if the picture looks better on the GH2 I will not upgrade to the GH3.
  2. To clarify. Much of my criticism is a matter of preference. The GH2 was particularly unique in it's clarity. It had a distinct look that I haven't seen in any other cameras in this class. Many have disliked it's sharpness claiming it didn't have a film like look to it. For me personally I am quite fond of the GH2 "look" and am very disappointed that the GH3 may have a different picture personality to it. The GH3 was going to be the camera that maintained the exceptional crisp images but added many of the features that ultimately did make it in. I am concerned that they reinvented it and in the process lost the best attribute of it's predecessor. Trust me I hope I'm wrong. Thoughts?
  3. [color=#008000][size=4][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif][b]My Take on the GH3 so far...[/b][/font][/size][/color] To sum up my thoughts. I am very unimpressed with the video I have seen thus far. It totally lacks the clarity and unique appeal of the GH2. I was looking forward to this camera for a long time and on paper it looks fantastic! I love the shooting modes, it would be a dream come true for people looking for slow motion shooting. I love the aluminum build and weather sealing. Not having a multi aspect sensor is something I can live with. I just hope that the problem has more to do with Panasonic's marketing team & lack luster unveil rather than the camera itself. However; I suspect that the new sensor is not capable of providing the wonderful moving images that the GH2 is famous for. As others have said, it looks very similar to what we have come to expect from Canon DSLR's. I hope that firmware patches can solve some of the issues but I am skeptical. I will stick with my GH2 unless I'm proved to be wrong. Thoughts?
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