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  1. @Hangs4FunI am not quite sure how this is supposed to work. The XLR-K3M has 2 XLR inputs and a 3.5 mm jack input. So only 2x phantom power at the XLR inputs. Also some reviewers of the A7Siii write that they can record 4-channel audio with the adapter, but I'm not sure about that either. The XLR-K3M has, as far as I know, a switch and with it you can either record XLR OR 3.5 mm jack. Do you have more experience with that adapter?
  2. For more than one year I'm using two of the A7S for live streaming. HDMI out to HDMI-SDI-converter and to Matrox VS4 capture card. The cameras sometimes run in warm indoor environment for 10+ hours per day and I never had any problems! But I have to say that I use external power supplies (no heat from batteries) and I tilt the display. If you are thinking about recording to Atomos from HDMI out, please keep in mind that (as opposed to internal recording) no noise reduction takes place on the HDMI out. Although the A7S is a low light monster in certain ISO levels there is some noise. Quite norm
  3. There are adapter from Sony A-Mount to m4/3. In my opinion one of the advantages of A-Mount is the mechanical aperture and there are adapter with clickless aperture-rings, e.g.: http://www.enjoyyourcamera.com/Objektivadapter/Adapter-an-Micro-Four-Thirds/Sony-Minolta-AF-Objektiv-Micro-Four-Thirds-Adapter::3048.html   I still have a Sony A77 with some nice lenses (Tokina 11-16mm, Zeiss 24-70mm,...) and will give them a chance on the blackmagic. Time will tell if I complete them with faster m4/3 lenses like SLR magic, Voigtlander,...
  4. @uli for 25p: set HDMI out to AUTO and internal recording to 25p to get rid of the black bars: press info-button   you're welcome to try it again in your local store :) and you could also test if 24p is possible, because I did not have the time in my local store...
  5. Good news for 25p HDMI out on D7100! I was in the market and had the chance to plug my Ninja2 to a D7100. With the video set to 25p I successfully recorded 1080p25 to ProRes HQ without any black bars or overlays. That was not possible with the D5200.   @Andrew In your D5200 review you wrote: "with a few tweaks such as a more magenta tone bias for better skin tones and to remove a slight bias towards green in the picture profile" With such tweaks, would you favour D7100 (seems same sensor as D5200) or GH3 for skin tones (interview situations, close-ups, beauty shots, colors, banding,
  6. Did some further tests with greenscreen. Gave my best to produce messy hairdo :) Compared HDMI out Ninja2 ProRes with internal transcoded to ProRes with 5DtoRGB Sharpness in camera completely dialed down, no grading and post sharpening. So might seem a bit soft, but detail is there. Only used ultrakey for chroma key with exact the same settings (standard), no further tweaking, just for testing. 100% crops: Now it seems as if there would be more chroma information in the HDMI out. Could be a evidence for 4:2:2 ...
  7. Here are links to the three native files:   If you take frame-grabs from the internal footage, please take it from the middle of the file. The beginning and the end is a little bit blurred because of hitting rec button.
  8. As far as I can tell, I don't see 4:2:2. In my opinion HDMI out is 4:2:0. For shure not a scientific comparison:   A small test-setting in front of greenscreen. I recorded intern and HDMI out to Ninja2. Three files to compare: - HDMI out to Ninja2 ProRes 422 HQ 1080p29.97 - intern 1080p24, with 5DtoRGB transcoded to ProRes 422 (BT.601) - intern 1080p24, ooc   All in timeline of Premiere 5 and took frame-grabs. A comparison: I don't see an advantage from Ninja2 ProRes (HDMI) over 5DtoRGB ProRes (intern) in the frames and also not in chroma keying - just my 2 cents...
  9. Yes I confirm: when setting HDMI to 1080p instead of auto I get 29.97 frames even though the camera is set to PAL/25p.   Now I've figured out: when in NTSC and HDMI is set to 1080i or auto -> HDMI signal is 1080i59.94 Then I set Ninja2 to 3:2 pulldown (23.98 frames), first of all I can't record or monitor. Then i go to menu from liveview to change record setting to 24p or 30p (does not matter) and leave menu again. Then Ninja2 successfully set up 3:2 pulldown and I can record 23.98 frames.   But no chance to set HDMI out to 60i (for 30p) or 50i (for 25p). So HDMI out doesn't
  10. My D5200 was delivered today and I wanted to start some greenscreen (chroma key) testing with my Ninja2 to verify 4:2:2 at HDMI out.   But I ran in some issues (have to admit, I'm new to Nikon) I'm in PAL-Country and set video-mode to 1080p25 and HDMI out to auto. No matter what settings i choose, the HDMI out always seems to be 1080i59.94   In Ninja2  I can select: - 1080i59.94 - 1080p29.97 - 1080p23.98 (3:2 pulldown) BUT if I select 1080p23.98 theres no possibility to record or monitor.   According to Atomos in a PAL country the HDMI out should be 1080i50 and
  11. Hi Andrew,   would be nice to know if the D5200 HDMI out is 4:2:2 :) Kind of sensation compared to the crippled HDMI out of the D600...   thanks
  12. Based on that the sensor supplier issues are resolved - are there any further informations about the shipping of the MFT-Version? Do you think, they can keep end of Dez. 2012/Jan. 2013 or will there be a delay too?
  13. Paul Genge corrected via SAR: [quote]Correction – I checked with Sony directly after the LIVE show and confirmed the output is 4.2.2 – apologies for the confusion. Lots of stats to remember on the fly![/quote]
  14. Please, can someone confirm! In the livestream, did he really say the HDMI output of the Sony A99 is uncompressed 4:4:4 ???
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