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    FLY with an ownbuild 1916`s Plane like the old heros(so light cams are goody)
    HUMOR if darker better

    STAY FOR THE WEAKEand PROTECT THEM because i am 2 meters tall bionic hitechuman

    and we all should PROTECT WHAT WE HAVE

    not more not less

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  1. Thanks for this first shootout! For me, i can use my old adapted lenses, the new one from the Gh-2 ( wouw..sad, that Pana could not bring the advenced gh-2 Sensor in the gh-3 body...maybe gh-5 in 2015). And the BMCC is in a pricerange, where i can use 2 maybe 3 for filming and at one go, 2 of them record for lightning situations in rendering in Maya, what i need. This Camera brings all faster to the point, where the big ones would go...first in 2018... And they have to may types. CANON..just bring all you know in one c100 and for 2900 euros in one line. SONY..okay. have the fs100 and short mv hands on vg900...shure taht dey did not build a mini fs-100...nex 5n for 400 euros.. Final, you get with the BMCC so much. i like this, don`t know it remembers me a litte on my old 16mm AAton and others.. Formfactor, in a modular situation, in a Rig, in a Robot-arm, in a Fly-robot.. just fit it. AND IT BRINGS THIS PICTURE.... somewhere in 1967... but the girl is not ROMY SCHNEIDER..it is an DROID..ops and in the POOL ....wosh... ( my english teacha mrs stone says i go better now - thank you sir)
  2. F55..... no time to watch any boyracerblabal... in this $$$range it is mine. so back to creativity... see us next 2014
  3. HI! back from Photokina 12.... I played with the new GH-3 4,5 times..always jumped to Sony and the others... ( LEICA!!! ) ( 6000 little $) This is the highest quality of an beginnig pre-production Camera i ever had in hands.. The form is good, the buttons in original will be smart, everything is evolution. Think also that we see a small costable deck ( 4:4:2 ) for this camera. ( and software;workrounds;hacks?) And the skintones and other little..in this step of firmware..not so bad. So how will this CAMERA work in version 1.0 release 2013 JUNE? One was interesting... this shy way when i directly asked WHAT IS WITH AF 200 / FF PROJECT... + yes!!!! My gh-2 gets a sista.. yes. and price will be soon to 990 euros. All Lenses work on.. so not so much $$$ for this step. and the race goes on... out
  4. Yes SIR! I am only verry happy about this camera. WE can speake about this in the show on Tuesday..if ... by
  5. SENSOR IS MADE BY PANASONIC!!!! ....are you crasy 23 seconds bevor my weekend begins.. Panasonic and Sony are so close in all like house-shinkansen and house-musashi okay... but if this is true...no 17 seconds NO!! HACK YES thats why i carry always 2 of theme.. ( soory but bomb nummer 2 does not go back in spaceshiphangar--so..) HACK IT!!!! 3 seconds... mafia yakutsa さようなら!
  6. HI! My Question on the Sonny-Stand on Photokina will be directly.. WHEN DO WE SEE THE ACTIVATION of the A99 to a 2k Camera? I think this is the lineup they go..nope? Is this now bitrate the first minimum ( hack) it would be the perfect greenbox and texture Photographer and Filmer in some strong cases i need but when is 10 bit when is a2.0 uptatde to 4.2.2? this all is verry verry intersting and i say nothing till i have seen all seen my next GH-3 ( i hope the did it and not breake it) ( gozilla+eisenstein will be in service till 2018/ my 2 gh-2) LENSES:: and that is a point where the "MINIGUN" RX1 makes more and more headbangin.. in spring after first 34 billon RX 1 are sold, it will be then in stock with arround 2500 dollars (if maya calndarium is wrong, wallstreet do not hip out and other not so nice bullshit) I get a ZEISS and a FULLSENSOR-BODY in a price nothing like that. mattebox on it, litte workround ( bm-deck) monitor..yes.. 1999 if you would run round with that..you would have had verry fast many boys in black armanis and sunglasses from tinker-store langley virginalis...in your six a clock possition.. this gunny is in my minde..go out bad ghost..(should we sacrifice our older cams in a vulcano??) let us see.. i want see all of them.. consumer and pro are brought into contact, and it is our job to say in clear and precise way all of the Producers WHAT WE WANT and what is a marketing jerk this will be nice days on all stands... ( sony has not the jokin gochones to bring fast a A69 in 1500 pricetag..if think about NIKON D600 ( also yes and supa) CANON a PLASTIQUE D6 hm..) the show must go on... next 48h brutal maya working fun.... like it... out
  7. Good morning! it runns..but runns the car on all 4 wheels in one direction? -so many types -and a next year to run till.. -everything is absolut right -but -4:2.2 10bit -max bitrate - and maybe a chip big but only 12 megapixi -best made elo shutter much better global shutter -a pakage of gear i get on same day ( and not when the cam is out of because a new new and so on..) ( soory we have changed xlr to a ap-computed audio-extern-wireless sys on your i-phone just activate your cloud-4.0 then..) it goes on and i look to my brave 2 gh-2... they work and work and work..sometimes i think they look at me like samurais, thinkin i will release them and be ronin? why? is it right that the BMC now with fourfirth-mount goes exact the technical and realistic way of this camera-yes. what is with my lenses? first worked hard to get all of them, also the rare from the 60ties..now..all fit on a BMC... first the rock rolla with small indie films - let the revollution run through 2013. 2014 i get a FULLSENSOR-PORN... shurely. am i an first-experiemtal-dest-dummy at all? do you coppy huston? capcom..no..mainbus b is out of engine...( a nice yoga hotline lady in holodec appears..and the same otis-ellevator-music and a counter that just in 99999 minutes the problem is solved)..ah..huston... reentry-engine cont down in 4 secounds.. coppy ( not translated words in my hometown made whiskey that works not but as an paranormal medicine it helps..maybee) IS THIS THE UPCOMMING REALISTIC APS-C AAAAND FOUR_FIRTH PARADIESE? ( yes suba-full hd 4k-playstation and all we geht in soon..and funny that my provider is now more enabled to transform a hd signall not full hd and if i ask him the future off all come on the other side of hotline missis daisy falls to coma..) ( pleas hold the line) huston...i loose mainbus-a..do you coppy?? ( panik..no profesional fatalistic - smoke my russioan cigaretts in the pure oxygene it is marvellouse....) think about my cuda graphic cards in my computers, that are not build yet.... my ounty will bring me 30 new ssds with 40000 terrabyte on christmass.... So when i go in London in 3 Weeks- is it possible that it rains Andrew`s fs 700 and many of them? LONDON BAKER STREET 12a and please with parachute and landing gear and i train from now to catch all F3 RED gh-2 i can get.... i will not be successfulllllll at all of your cams but... thank you sirs i like it question to SONY ( in a warm timbre of MR. Jack NICHOLSON) is it possible that you think that in first time you transform the codec and technical soul of the F65 one to one in a new body tahat apperas a bit smaler then F3 has all and yes i will smash 6990 dollars on the table? yes no... huston.... captain apollo... sorry.. think we have made an litte mistake... chrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... this is only funny after looong day and the sony show IT ROCKS ROGNROLLA!!!!
  8. I D E A ! i think now about 2 years for an IDEA FOR something i call P A R A L L E L F I L M V E R S E [ P F V] -you can call it like you want - we build up a global direct to the audience Film-Industrie -it is modern and in my focus a past of now and bit more next ( question: what comes after the internet? the first i ask)(not?) -we follow the rality of now i-pad / and so on-homecomputers-home-tv-cinema and small cinematic sollutions-(korea) -we also build a lasso worldwide in the now older but may be drowning existing smaler village-cinemas ( cinema paradiso) -we think in openair-film-festivalls -we put togher and in a artifical and human way the talents in one big sphere ( i do not like any form of technical ore some other rasim because of - nO it is anOGO-- we put wisdom and clerance in one line) -maybe a hireing-sys mixed with wikipedialike knowledge -we build up or own film-marketing-sys and GO ANOTHER WAY ( i do not like it if i want to see a film- when 70% of film is spoken--- a film / a book / music falls in BOX and looses his virgin artifical way to be,SURPRISE i want.. ev. direction can be possible... -it is the bachroots to film and the forwar to overmorning -it speaks the only language we have EMOTIONAL STORY -we have the gear and think the fire out is global -maybe some do not want this but think about 1000 ANTS who dream, work togheter and make it... it is power. - so why don`t we do it? out
  9. IMAGINATION of your SOUL? the easy of the mind that moves in the film..your soul...your own, that floats you in a river of now, then and past...is a miracle.. you can ease it in any point of view and sight, and in first every way is right and simple.. but then,something happens.. music.. for my project i tried differend ways and music styles... one was is classic. one is with monolithic and frugal instrumentation with only 3 base notes on a reanimated old moog..this then brings me to scriptpainting where i bring my scene to a picture - and it s crasy and a slow process- sometimes i write the whole background story of one character..in the sadness of no happy ending of the film- that thern brings the shine-and then i knew more about the stage and how i will design every detail-setz the light-and so on.. Technical , i am happy that the 2 gh-2 i use are in this step, and later "there" just there and fit in a cinematic neutrality in. But i do not mention about because if you go line to much to perfect it to 100%, you kill it, how to explain.. when you play a line on your guitar and it falls with choirevoices in a upcoming dramatic sense of it, a bit but just a bit "false" a bit drive can make it. it is like this. And it is also a litte timless picture compositing, that you set it right, for your suppose of the scene and story and that you make the audience, think you are the people, in differnd, and you get them in a conjunctive moode,.. How is it, when you are lost 100000000000000000000000 millon miles away in space, is it same, if you are lost, because your father dies, is it same because you are now one glimpse of last lightshine away of calm peace, for a end of my sf-film-project i had the idea, taht the hero knwos that hw will die, wath would you do, when 20.000 dark transformed humankloned zombas run on your hill, and only 3 are left, and you have only 5 buiilts, my maincharacter sits down ( in demolated house) and begins to play sebastin bach .." oh komme grooser Herr" you see all in slomo, when the zombies brake in, and the hero smiles, he strkes the stanway piano.. weh do hear nothing, only the singel childish played notes, and he knows, no its right, he has found his fredom.. clic..the 100 megatonn reactor..... white.... end titel... music goes up in full orchestral holybness of hell... okay. and this is only one of 10001 ways i just will do this. "....alfred...alfred.... come in....dinner is ready..." out
  10. EXPRIMENTOS EST! Zoomatar 1,3/180 Leitz Schneider-Kreuznach this old 1989 and for my ex aaton 35 / 50 and the midlong i sit in the cad to think about right mount for the BMC. 2 stoneold ZEISS think 1970. each 4 kilos ( 8,5lbs) heavey... Aluminium is not so expensive.... i pusha corner-question in? what happens if the BOYS ( not from BRazil) in Aussi would have had not the idea..in a sunny afternoon sitting arround with 345 gallons of Heineken and began to smile..draw and dream? question two... WILL I SEE the ENTERPRISE E in first flight? next week i go second time to china... want to see the cineRAW35.... can we have a chance for experiment buddys..please... question3 if LOTUS would replace my ELISE with something that looks like ALFA ROMEO 4c twinengine-700kilo car ( 40 hps electric/ 2lita boxer porsche 200hps/ 1literon 100 km) and it costs only 14.900 euros hm? yes no what? out
  11. BMC is more nad more impressiv... so in next 6 Months we see many thirtparty adons plugs and crasy idea .. what happens..when the BMC is hacked.. overdose- raw-extreme-situation-to get the last out of it.. anti-moire-setting and a way to bring it in a duality-mode on 2 differnt memorys so i would have the chance to decide... i see many littel helpers and some will be modular Gear from Black Magic. (and yes i go everyday to church becauc i hope my 2 gh-2 get a big sista with 4:2:2 and hm... 10 bit ..please it is a so littel tiny codec...i will be honest and brave next 3 weeks--no wuski no cigarettz.no g.. no drugs) for me the spped of revolution-turn-arround is almost a bit to slow. please more warp-speed..and as we se on the last show ( yes i was there) the COMPANIES have the typical market speed-also when you ask the motivated personal in front.. it is sell sell sell and sometimes not fine continuity to make it pice for pice better.. the canon c100 is on this way..begun as a good but unreachable machine now( c300/500) and that is clear in 2013 then a c105 ore call it 107.. second is my glasses. the way up to fullsensor YES but four firth / bmc/ aps-c / sony a paradise of costable LENSES... Samyang 35mm F1.4 Tokina 11-16 F 2.8 and my old canons nikors and 2 russian 35/50 anamorphics dwarish ( need love) if you do not bring love to the soul of a lense you kill the picture.. To concluse the BMC ( black mamba) brings in its formfactor all to one point, where we can start. That is the part of our work 2012 2013 2014..okay.. and for the others ( if they do it then- because if canon sonny nikkon says yes we make money with the I-SUMER ( consumer mix with i-pad/phone/androids/were do you think the new FILMY-WOOD will be in first?? RIGHT 10 inch highres pads everywhere..so produce for this billion FANS the litte film..) ( and then GIUGARRO CAPONE and RUBINZ SEIDELSTEIN somwhere behind the doors of holly ore bolly ore dont know begin to react) and in my livingromm a litte 100k superfast 8:8:8 64bit 6d holoprojector brings the big film..) so go on this all had be done 1999... when i was a boy.. now i want the real guns... out
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