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  1. Here's my darker cinematic take on the clips. I used apple Color for this. It is a bit dark, i could have pushed the image brighter a bit but i like the color that came out of it.      
  2. Hey everyone, here is my grading rendition of /p/ 's Natural picture profile footage. Hope you all like it.   [attachment=443: :P:2.jpg]   https://vimeo.com/61171886
  3. I still use FCP7 to edit because I like using Apple Color. My work flow goes like this: -MTS converted to Prores HQ 422 via Media Encoder -New file imported to FCP7 -Edited sequence to Apple Color. Now my question is, should I be worried about this clipping issue? If so, what is the FCP equivalent of Premiere Pro's Fast Color Corrector? Please help for I am now paranoid! thank you!
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