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  1. I sold my GH3 yesterday mainly because I wasn't using it. I do have hopes for the BMPCC, mainly for its portability factor. I would very much like to see coverage for the BMPCC continue. Of course, that implies that there is actually a camera that ships...

  2. That is a good idea.


    I used to be a journalist and all the writing definitely activated the mind. Now, I see psychiatric patients and basically interview them all day long. This has given me some great ideas for projects, but you take the stress home with you sometimes.

  3. I'm selling my GH3. I've only used it about 5 times, so it's practically brand new.


    It feels like a shame to already sell it considering I had high hopes of getting back into filmmaking but right now I just don't have time or a project in mind. I realized I didn't use it for shooting stills. I'd rather still just shoot a few rolls a year of Tri-X on my Nikon FM when the inspiration hits. And I want to get away from technical obsessions for the moment and focus on reading books and trying to get inspired with ideas for upcoming projects. Any by then, hopefully the BMPCC will (hopefully) be available.


    Anyway, more info than anyone needs to know. I live in San Antonio. If anyone is interested in the camera, send me a message and we can talk details.  Thanks.

  4. From what I understand the only image stabilization with the GH3 is through the lenses, specifically lenses made by Panasonic. 


    Assuming this is true, I'm curious how people have fared with the GH3 when using legacy glass and/or non Panasonic lenses in regards to image stabilization.




    Just curious what people thought was wise/reasonable in how to maximize a stable image when shooting with the GH3. Obviously a tripod helps but was looking to see if anyone had thoughts on this issue.




  5. I've been shooting with a GH3. I have fotodiox adapters for Pentax K mount and Minolta MD mount. And yes, with both adapters the focus gets soft when going to infinity. (Pentax SMC 50/1.7 and 28/2.8; Minolta MD 24-35/3.5 and 35-70/3.5)


    Do others have this issue as well with fotodiox adapters...or just adapters for legacy glass in general? Fotodiox claim their adapters don't have this problem.


    Curious is this issue is rampant and to be expected or I got some bad luck...

  6. Having good onboard audio is always a plus. With quality increasing and price dropping the lines have been blurred between what is professional and what is prosumer. I think many of the complaints are not taking into account a perspective outside your own.


    I know that many documentarians will love this camera as it has some sense of spirit and life to it, rather than being a dull functional box, and having audio will allow people to be a one man band, which is where everything is headed anyways.


    I think the pistol grip is kind of cool. It is an aesthetic allusion to the old home movie cameras. I think most normal non film people would say this camera looks cool and actually looks like a camera, not a hard drive with a hole for a lens.


    Also, if you read their blog you will notice that they are taking their time instead of releasing a version that then later needs to be immediately updated, like something Apple would do.


    It's hard for me to see anything wrong with this camera. And if it never makes it to market, it will still have an impact because it's another warning shot across the bow of the big camera companies. The market is changing.

  7. I saw this tripod: http://www.adorama.com/SIBSRT2005.html: holds 26 pounds


    And this one:http://www.adorama.com/SIBSRN2004.html: holds 33 pounds


    ...and was curious if anyone had experience with them and thought they were any good?


    They both seem to hold a good amount of weight and fold down fairly small and seem like the best of both worlds.


    I'm trying to find a tripod that could hold a fluid head, possibly the Accratech leveler Andrew likes, and even a slider on top, and yet somehow be portable enough to put in a backpack.



    Update: I ended up getting the Sirui N 2004. It can fold down to 18" for storage. One of the legs can actually become a monopod.. It weighs about 3.5lbs...and yet can hold 33 pounds. 6 year warranty.  It was $184 on Adorama. Not cheap for just legs, but to me it sounds like everything you would want for a travelling tripod.

  8. I got a similar sad sack email from B&H today. No shipment date in sight. This delay seems more than I would have thought for a large company such as Panasonic. It's like we're in the 1680s and it takes months for packages to ship across the Atlantic. Ha.

  9. About 12 years ago I rented a S16 camera with I believe this lens from the DP for Slacker and Dazed and Confused. I was very impressed with the optics. Before with the same camera and the same Vision stock,I had used some Zeiss primes and I actually preferred this zoom to those primes. I thought the Zeiss' had too much contrast. The Canon imaged seemed more pleasing. Better colors. Better skin tones. And being a zoom it had great coverage. I didn't expect this to be the case before using this lens but afterwards I was sold.

  10. The big advantage a Mac Pro has is that it's a dual CPU 8-core machine (12-core for the latest models).  Using all the cores this will grind through renders faster than even the fastest Hackintosh. The Nvidia GTX570 runs without any hacks on Mountain Lion with the Nvidia drivers & is the fastest CUDA card available. Add an SSD in a PCI slot carrier for preference as it will give you full SATA-III speed.


    Mac Pros are built like tanks & an absolute steal on the used market. I have had my dual 2.8GHz 8-core Mac Pro 3,1 from new over four years ago & with the upgrades above it flies. I have seen similar configurations on eBay for as little as £600 (under $1000)


    The issue for me is that I'll be buying everything from scratch to get started: so in addition to the $1000 for the used Mac Pro I would need to spend around $600 for a really good monitor, add in a SSD drive, keyboard, mouse, maybe update the RAM and video card and I'm getting somewhere near $2000 I would guess.


    A new Imac with self installed RAM upgrade, 1TB fusion drive, their best video card upgrade would be around $2600. I can get a 15-20% discount through a friend and I start to wonder what is my better deal. With USB 3 and Thunderbolt on the Imac it looks more future proof.


    But will it run as good?

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