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  1. Sod waiting for Gopro to wake up ! get the sodding thing hacked !!!!
  2. Was playing around with this the other day at a friends, the range of the wifi is incredible, was watching my mate roam around his house with the gorpo on my phone it was quite surreal :)
  3. To me this is all just stating the obvious, what I really want to see is a comparison between the BMCC and the big boys, Alexa, reds and the c300 (who it will kill).
  4. What the hell is he doing shooting at ISO 800 in bright sunlight ?!?!?!?!?! is this camera really that bad in low light ? On the other hand this footage looks way cleaner than a 5D mkii at iso 800 but on a 5D you would need about 10 stops of ND lol
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