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  1. Hi,    I've just finished my 1Dc review, if you're interested, read it here: http://carousel.hu/1Dc/   Also there are some files you can download and grade.   thanks  
  2. "Those settings are really there for the ProRes recording mode...but even in the 220Mbit ProRes mode, colour, ISO sensitivity and white balance are far less baked into the final image..." What?! Have you worked with Alexa Prores footage? This way you say: "no matter what your ISO, no matter what your WB setting is, prores will save you" This is not true. ISO, and WB are baked in. Fully. Yes, you can grade, you can lift, you can do a lot of things. But these settings are baked in, and if someone shoots at ISO400 and it should have been ISO800, they have to push the
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