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  1. Any suggestions for places to rent Iscoramas from? I was looking before I started this thread and did not see any places that did rentals of these kinds of lenses, only hawks which were in another dimension budget wise. I should mention I'm looking to shoot in 2.35. Thanks for all the advice posted thus far.
  2. Thats way sharp, some of the images in there are impressive. I think I'll give this one a try.
  3. Wow. All of that sounds awful. No wonder I haven't seen any shorts shot with them. Sounds like I would be better off getting a PL mount adapter instead to rent some lenses for. Thanks for the info!
  4. Call me Naive, but I've yet to find any real projects shot with anamorphic lens adapter setups like discussed on here. I'm the DP for a 15 page short coming up next month and the director asked me to look into anamorphic lens choices and I've been looking at Kowas and the like in that price range. The results look great for the most part, but I've been looking and I've only found test projects and test videos. Does somebody have a completed short to show? I've got a professional job to do with these lenses and I don't want to find out after dropping the cash on them that its not really something thats possible. The current camera package is a NEX-FS100 with FD lenses and I'm looking to shoot scope with the Kowa. Thanks for any help in advance.
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