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  1. I use (2) Samsung NX1's mostly in 1080P mode, either at 24FPS or 120FPS. If I shoot in "DR" Mode on the NX1 and then transcode the footage to Pro Res using Rocky Mountain Transcoder the resulting files look very similar to the Canon C100 Mark II in "Wide DR Mode", however the Samsung NX1 files are much sharper than the C100 Mark II. Cameras such as the Sony A7S Mark II have great dynamic range and amazing low light abilities, but at the expense of color - even after color correction A7S MK II files are rather dull color wise. If I shoot with the Samsung NX1 in low light, I'll use one of the Sigma ART lenses wide open at F/1.4 (and never set the NX1 above ISO 1,600) -- the resulting files look amazing with no noise and unbelievably great color fidelity - colors pop the way a Red Scarlett does. I wish someone would have made an active EF mount for the NX1 because other than the tiny Samsung 30mm prime I don't use any Samsung lenses. That's Samsung's weakest link - even they're expensive 16-50mm F/2-2.8 zoom at F/2.8 is not nearly as sharp as my Canon EF-S 17-55mm F/2.8 IS Lens and the Samsung 16-50mm is useless for zooming while shooting video because even if the lens is set to manual focus it does crazy things when you zoom - goes in/out of focus in horrendous ways that make the footage unusable. I shoot a lot of 120FPS/1080P slow motion footage on the NX1 and it looks very good. The attached images are still frames from video - Canon C100 Mark II vs Samsung NX1 both shot at 24fps/1080p. I used the Zeiss 50mm Makro-Planar F/2 ZF Lens at F8 on both cameras and made sure to focus the C100 Mark II accurately using the punch in feature. Both cameras have a 1.5X crop factor, but I noticed that the C100 Mark II produces a slightly wider image. The Canon C100 Mark II was set to "Wide DR" mode at its native ISO of 850 and a shutter speed of 1/48th while the Samsung NX1 was in its "DR" mode at ISO 800 and 1/50th shutter speed so we should expect a 10% brighter image from the Canon because of these unequal settings. The Samsung video was transcoded to Pro Res using Rocky Mountain Transcoder. I'll also include a frame grab from the Canon 70D just for fun.
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