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  1. [i]"Canon need to watch carefully and see that Sony do not bring out a 4K cinema camera that completely trumps the C300 and C500 specs, for less money."[/i] Hasn´t this already happened though? FS700, although not internally capable of 4k recording, gives you 4k (and plenty more on top).
  2. Yes, the only problem with this camera is the mount. It´s loosing out on so much good glass that could be put on it. M43 would be the best match, no doubt. If you complain about crushed blacks and low light performance: you have to be a real arse at lighting! (I mean, if you can´t make it work within 13 stops of DR, then you obviously need an Alexa :S) For certain kinds of jobs, like with extremely little available light (and you are not in a situation where you can control lighting) then there are better cameras, for sure. FS / F series from Sony will most likely do the job. On the other hand; you won´t have such gradeable footage from those cameras. Different horses.
  3. I hear some stuff about reliability, the gh2 and the settings used in this particular test. I have used many high end gop1 settings professionally without any issues whatsoever. However, people need to realize that you can't just do it without having thorough knowledge of the pitfalls, which equipment to use (such as sdhc cards, lenses) and how to / the means to fail-safe your shoot. The high end settings are tested for reliability with only the high end cards (which performs well on the gh2) - expect them to fail with any other card. I'm guessing that Colt and Seman did not have the best performing card in this case, if they encountered errors. (some glitches persist regardless, that has no bearing on the recording).
  4. Only an idiot (if he considers himself a pro) would set up lighting for the camera to NOT look its best, with the available means. Unless he of course doesn't know the camera. It's better to light for the sweet spot of any camera, regardless if it has 8 or 15 stops of DR, if it is possible. In an artificial environment, lighting is there to be controlled. In this sense, there was a completely level playing field in the test, regardless of if they used this light or that to achieve something.
  5. Also, it might be worth considering some other lenses to start with if the cap is at 1000 (rather than the canon f1.4). Fujian 35mm c-mount is dirt cheap. Konica 40mm is very nice and also dirt cheap.. there are others as well. I have to agree with the above sentiment to get a kit-zoom. Not the best lens in the world, but certainly not the worst and you will get wide angles covered - and it's really cheap. Pay close attention to your choice of sdhc card, as that will ultimately decide which settings you can use with it; determining how far you can push it with the hack. These: [url="http://www.amazon.com/SanDisk-Extreme-Performance-SDSDX3-016G-Package/dp/B003EGBHHW/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1342242018&sr=8-2&keywords=sandisk+30mb+s+extreme+sdhc"]http://www.amazon.co... s extreme sdhc[/url] will give you access to almost all the high end settings (without spanning), and you can get 3-4 cards rather than 1. The benchmark card is the sandisk 95mb / s sdxc 64gb, but that costs about 150 bucks. Might be worth the investment though, depending on what is important for you.
  6. Interesting cam. Should be great for extreme stealth jobs.
  7. What lenses are you using? 50mm is the most I have used handheld (on a simple rig) with acceptable issues. There are some divergencies in-between different lenses as well, but the bottom line is that you need to get rid of vibration whenever you use a slider / tracks and get a hang of HOW to move the camera with different focal lengths. You can be pretty choppy with a wide angle lens in certain conditions. In my opinion rolling shutter as demonstrated in tests is a smaller problem than the jello effect it causes. Perhaps if you demonstrated what you are after; it would be easy to say if you are on the right track or not.
  8. I'm sure people will come up with both good and bad usage for slow-mo that has not yet been prevalent in your average productions..
  9. @richg101 I found it over at p-v.. So I don't know much more about it. It's on youtube as well.
  10. funny that, armband: Re: the topic of the post, it would be very nice to hear what happened / how it turned out!
  11. cultureshot: Some of the images in this article demonstrates very clearly what happens with the downscaling: http://www.eoshd.com/content/343/where-is-the-35mm-full-frame-2-megapixel-dslr Note: it doesn't show the moiré that is introduced in fine patterns nor the aliasing on sharp edges / lines.. On how this result is achieved exactly: well I'm sure you can find more about it somewhere but as far as I know the camera discards 3 out of 4 lines of (stills) resolution to downscale the original sensor image to a video signal..
  12. http://vimeo.com/43572234 This video was shot with the gh2 and a lomo 28mm + a 35mm flektogon for closeups..
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