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  1. Andrew, I respect your site and what you do at EOSHD, but for some reason every time our site is brought up in conversation you feel the need to express how much you have a problem with it, and how little work we actually do (disregarding the original content we do have and the 20-30 interviews we've done this year alone about a number of different topics). We are asked to share much of the content we do share (just as I'm sure you are), with hundreds of requests per week that we simply don't get to or don't feel is something we should share. In terms of upsetting advertisers, all of our
  2. The stated full resolution in the documentation I have seen for the Cinema Camera is 2592 x 2192. The BAE sensor is 2560 x 2160. Why would BAE state a resolution lower than what the sensor is capable of? You're absolutely right in that it matches very closely, but this discrepancy leads me to believe that they are using a different sensor. ON semiconductor makes a sensor that is 2592 x 2048, so that tells me that it's a common aspect ratio and sensor size (around Micro 4/3s), and it's very possible there is another company that might make a sensor with the exact same pixel re
  3. The resolution of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera sensor has always been 2592 x 2192, I'm not sure where these other resolutions have come from (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/indepth/blackmagic-design/announcements/beautiful-new-blackmagic-cinema-camera). Whether they can actually use that pixel area is another story, but I'm not quite sure where this resolution of 2560 x 2160 is coming from. As for doing an internal crop to 1820 x 1366, that's a really great idea, and something Blackmagic might be able to implement in a firmware update. But you'd have to take it a little fu
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