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  1. Just a minor note - you might want to change it to "University of Southern California".  There is no such thing as South California and while it might seem like a quibble, Southern California is an actual place, South California doesn't exist (except as a description that's never used).
  2. This and the Cineform RAW workflow with 10x compression are the 2 killer pieces of that will make this thing really really attractive to people who are actually doing work with their cameras.  The cineform makes the files manageable while retaining the advantages and the crop feature makes the lens kit more versatile. 
  3.     Wife?  I'm confused, aren't you Caroline Culler?   Unless you are and you have a wife, which is fine, I just am confused about it.
  4.     I see people asking this sort of question a lot - if you're serious about it, just sell it and get the camera that has the features you want.  I had a 7d - shot with it for 3 years, sold it, got a 5dmkIII and am very happy with the upgrade, it just is a better camera in every way and IQ is improved besides the full frame advantage.  I don't understand all these questions about "does it support the 7D, does it support x rebel..." why bother honestly?
  5. Yeah...hmmm - this for me left me cold for the anamorphic at least.  As Julian mentioned there seems to be some sort of conversion issue (maybe vimeo?  it gives me issues all the time when changing aspect ratios) that leaves the aspect distractingly off.  As for the F35, it's hard to say without direct comparison - Pat's link above from Macgregor is just sort of simply beautiful.  
  6. So, uh, the obvious question is did you try it on a Windows machine and see if it's any different in PPro?
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