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  1. Picking up one of the last posts here about stabilizer functions of the gh2:

    who knows a compact (not too heavy and ok to transport) solution for handheld shots?

    In his book Andrew mostly recommends locked down shots and shows 2 rigs. I think that a small tripod is very nice and handy, but sometimes you want to have handheld shots. But shooting them without any assistance just handheld makes them look like you had 50 cups of coffee and had not slept for days as soon as you try to change the focus or breath.

    It should be not too heavy. Its a thin line to cross to make a dslr look like a "franken(-stein)-rig".
  2. I switched from camcorders to the GH2 and i aswell really noticed that all videos shot out of the hand are more shaky. The kit lens with internal stabilizer was ok, but with old lenses it really looks messy sometimes.

    What really helps me a bit is using the shoulder straps (well the thing your put your camera around the neck with) you just stretch it to the max and it helps a bit too.

    But i think its almost impossible to shoot steady out of the hands if you want to change focus and aperture aswell.
  3. Hi,

    I noticed a little piece of dust on my sensor. In my apparently limitless stupidity i tried to remove it carefully with a little tissue for the cleaning of glasses (eyesight). Now i got several thin greasy/fatty lines on the Sensor.

    I was googling for a while and found several cleaning sets. Cleaning swabs are said to just push the dirt in the corners of the sensor and a simple dust blower wont do the job.

    Does anyone have experience in the cleaning of sensors and can recommend a product?

    Or do you let your sensors clean professionally?
  4. Hi,

    i cant get the manual aperture to work. I followed the steps in a guide, where i had to push in the pins and and move the inside of the lens clock wise. That all worked fine. Now i can change the aperture on the lens. But i cant mount it to my camera anymore.

    I can just do that, once i move the inside of the lens counter-clockwise again. Then i can change the aperture though.

    Any help highly appreciated
  5. thanks a lot for your post tech  :)

    I have the same problem with a girlfriend, i need to watch the budget. I ordered another old Canon FD lens which comes with 2 filters and will try my look with those for the start. Then later on i can still switch!

    good luck with your football games  :)
  6. cheers for your help caver. I was just thinking, if i have a set of perhaps like 5 good primal lenses, then i dont need the zoom lens, which is relatively slow, anymore.

    But i guess it has good stabilization features aswell. I will keep it for the moment and use it with my canon fd lenses...
  7. Hi,

    i bought the GH2 with the 14-140mm lens kit. Meantime i got myself some canon fd lenses and am thinking of selling the kit lens as people are offering a lot of many for it on ebay. I could buy 2 prime lenses for that.

    What do you guys say? or should i keep it, cause its convenient?

  8. Hi,

    i am looking for a good and cheap 14 mm lens. 12mms would be good too, but there dont seem to many options.

    So far i got the kit lens (14-140mm), canon fd 35mm f2 N, 50mm 1,8 and the 85mm 1,8. I tried to go with the Canon FD lenses so i dont have to buy too many adapters, but i cant find any 12 or 14 mm lens there.

    Any help appreciated! thanks!
  9. By the way, for shooting out of your hands you recommend manual focus in your book? I did not fully understand that aspect at first sight as on another page you recommended setting the camera to autofocus. (so far i dont like the autofocus that much. even on a hacked 1.1 firmware i have the impression, that the camera does too much pumping without any need for it)
  10. Thank you very much for your quick reply Andrew!

    It makes me wonder, how careless people used too handle radioactive material back in the days.

    I ordered the Canon lens now. I think for now its the better choice, since i aswell ordered the Canon 50mm lens which you recommended in your book for low light situations. It just cost me 15 Euros, so that way i just have to buy one adapter for now and can use several lenses on it.

    Do you recommend other Canon FD lenses? Once the new lenses arrive i will have the kit lens (14-140mm, by now i think i just should have ordered the camera body alone), the FD 35mm F2 N, the FD 50 mm 1,8.

    Probably i should go for a good 12 or 14mm lens?

    Thank you very much for your help! I am kind of new to the world of lenses.

  11. Quick question: i can get both lenses for a similar price with an adapter for my gh2. I have a tendency towards the russian fabricate as i know the rumours that Tarkovsky used to work with those lenses :-) (not that i have 1% of his talent, but when the sun shines, i am an old school romantic :P)

    But then again i have to order it in Russia vs an order of the canon lense in Germany which seems to be the safer option if i have to return the lens.

    I would use the ciecio adapter on both lenses.

    And sorry, if this thread is a repetition. But without a search option i gave up looking after an hour.

    Thank you very much!
  12. Hi Axel, thank you very much for your advice. Das hat mir sehr geholfen! I guess over time i will get used to the manual focus. And i aswell noticed a difference in well lit places. I just ordered me a faster lens and will see how that helps me :-)

    Thank you very much again!
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