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  1. Thanks for your reply Axel! Helpful as always!

    I got 3 Sandisk extreme cards last christmas, so for my its not an issue with the cards. Its rather the space the shootings take. For example if you want to take your camera with you for a trip and dont want to bring an external harddisk.

    Which hack are you shooting with the most regular?

    Actually i am so noobish that i think i do not even see the difference between 44mbits, 70mbits and 88.
  2. Thanks for your reply Michael. I had that problem once or twice at the start and after that it started working good.

    I just dont want to screw either camera or card or find out in postproduction that frames or something are missing.

    I am also not sure if the difference between the unified and the vanilla hack is that big?

    Thanks again!

    Edit: Alright, to add more confusion: the hack is 88Mbits while the card is able to produce 45MBs. So it should handle the hack fine right?
  3. Hi everyone,

    i am using a sandisk extreme sd-card which is class 10 and has a writing speed of 45Mb/s. I also applied the unifed hack (88 MB/s) on my gh2.

    Now i am a bit confused. The patch guide says i should use the unified patch for class 10 sd cards. That applies to the Sandisk extreme. But then on the other hand the unified patch has a writing speed of 88MB/s.

    So far i am shooting without any problems. Could i possibly screw my camera with this setup? What could technically happen?

    Should i rather use the vanilla patch? or one of the driftwood patches?

    Any help highly appreciated!!! Cheers a ton!
  4. Cheers for your answer.

    I have the kit lens aswell, but i am not sure if its heavier than a canon fd lens.

    I dont like the gh2 internal microphone that much and would like to put the rode mic on the camera. I aswell have the lumix 14mm f2.5 lens which is really small and light and that should work with the rode mic.

    edit: i just took another look at the website of the the hague camera accessoires: They offer another solution aswell which supports heavier dslrs, also heavier than the gh2. For the mmc you can use additional weights so it supports up to 1,25kg and thats a weight i certainly wont cross.

    Well i will try it out, i can always sell the hague mmc on ebay later.

    Thanks for your advice, i will look at the documentary. After your post with the stalker montage i started looking closer at some movies i really like and saw how my memory had cheated me. There are many powerful scenes which are not perfect on a technical level.
  5. I was in a similar situation one month ago. I bought the GH2, with the hack it will be a great camera for years to come. You can still upgrade in 3-4 years and even then the GH2 will be a great "b" camera.

    No one knows what the gh3 will bring (for example the new canon 650d is not really a serious step forward). And there is always a new generation around the corner.

    On the other hand, you still have the 60d and can use that until september or october.
  6. alright, i bought the hague mmc grip now. i hope it can take the gh2+rode video mic pro and a canon fd glass. as you shoot with a wide lens most of the time once you use a steadycam, it should do ok.

    I have been watching some documentaries by Volker Koeppen lately and i noticed that the camera guy just shoots out of his hands without any assistance, it looks shaky sometimes, but it did not disturb me that much.  which just reminded me that the quest for the clean shot is pure bogus.

    tata and thx for all the help.
  7. Hi Axel, thanks for your post, you are really a very helpful ressource and gave me a lot of helpful information.

    I really love that attitude, i think its so important to share knowledge and things for good things to happen.

    I will search for a good offer on the hague grip. I use almost only canon fd lenses (and none of my other primes has autofocus) and there is also no stabilization in those lenses (some dislike it anyway, because they say it looks unnatural. i never understood this point though.)

    Thanks for the photo Kirk. Looks pretty nice, just like the glidecams in the store. i am just affraid i would screw up during the building process once i had the parts. But maybe i have just to try it with confidence and get a friend who is good at such things.
  8. Very nice example. And so true. Its not about a technically clean and asthetic shot, but rather more about artistic expression. Its something else that captures you.

    well i will continue on my quest for good dolly and tracking shots.

    do you use auto focus or smaller apertures (4+ for a bigger area in focus) with the hague grip?
  9. hmm maybe i will really try it with the skateboard or the hague grip.

    the pico dolly works with the gh2, but you are always on a relatively low level height wise. what i like about it, is its portability.

    can you do nice horizontal tracking shots with the hague grip? i mean Tarkovsky style for like 2 meters or more?

    A tripod on wheels could work, but probably not on every kind of ground.

  10. Thank you very much! Looks pretty nice. I dont like stuff, that looks too clean and too professional. I am a huge fan of Jonas Mekas, whose stuff is not technically state of the art, but therefore is ART, breathes poetry and soul.

    I already ordered a copy of the book by Stu Maschwitz.

    Do you have any more links like the one with the tripod glide?

    By the way, i used to work for arte like 2 years ago (but the work was more dramaturgy related, cinematography is rather a hobby of mine, where i try to capture things or brief moments that have a meaning to me)

    I recall that you manufactured the camera grip yourself? You probably also built a glide track or something like that for yourself? (http://www.glidetrack.com/products/sd-range/glidetrack-sd-hybrid-slider.html) something like that? But there has to be a better way than spending almost 400 euros. like bars of a drawer (schubladenleiste)?

    thanks again for your help Axel! really highly appreciated!
  11. thank you very much for your answer, i will check that out. the hague mini stabilzer looks nice, but with old lenses with manual focus you will probably need  a follow focus or shoot with aperture 4+. Did they shoot the clip with any sort of stablizing lenses?

    i really like the part with the tripod, just tried it at home, works like a charm, although you cant glide that far.

    something else i found: people used shopping bags, cut a hole for the lens in it and filmed like that. as long as you keep your arms hanging, it will always be the same height level for the camera. that solution is probably even too low budget for me, but if you are somewhere outdoors and it could be a nice guerilla option.

    I think you do not always have to buy the hottest and newest shit (equipment). unfortunately i am not too gifted with hands so i cant build a rig or glidecam by myself. but there are often some nice selfmade options.
  12. Hi everyone,

    since shooting with a tripod can become a bit static at times i was wondering if anybody found a  way to take tracking or dollyshots without investing tons of money.

    i was looking into all kind of glidecams, but most are pretty expensive. but possibly there are ways, like a skateboard instead of a dolly etc. has anybody tried something like that real life with success?

    thank you for your help!
  13. Thank you very much for your reply!

    I would get it for 40 Euros.

    Do you have any other suggestions for anamorphots going well with the canon FD series?

    It really sounds like a lot of work to get the anamorphot going, but when i see the beautiful outcome, i am absolutely willing to go that way.
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