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  1. Great news! But now I wonder...could you get the same effect by modding an EF Extender to go on the wrong way round?? (for my BMCC, whenever it arrives)
  2. To add to this - I am so disgusted by my C100 which has much worse AVCHD than the FS100 or 700. No-one who has bought it is admitting this on-line  - but it looks awful. Skin tones are horrific. If only the ML team could hack this!
  3. Hi Andrew. I'm hugely greatful for you doing all this - and an avid reader/viewer of your work - but please shoot some humans next time - preferably in close-up. For most of us it is how the cameras handle skin and eyes that will make or break our careers. Even if it were just you or Slashcam standing there for a shot or two... I just shot a short on the FS700 - and generally found it videowy. Feel free to share it if you want: vimeo.com/53171913
  4. Great see the option is there for people who can only afford the GH2 - but if this test is anything like the others, they will have spent a fortune on lights and rigs to keep the cameras steady. Whatever happened to handheld! The lowest budget film-making technique of them all. We don't have much budget for our feature "The Redistributors" - but by using the C300 we have been able to save on lights and rigs etc. It has been a joy to be able to include "Bourne" style wobbles - as you see in this concept trailer (shot by Marek Mysicka): https://vimeo.com/42199857
  5. Hi Andrew, I'm a long-time listener, first-time caller, as they say. I just firstly wanted to say how much I appreciate your work. I hope you get some good discounts! Just wanted to mention that I just went to the Bradford Film Festival and saw my 5Dii film "Trading Licks" on an IMAX SCREEN!!! last night. It was a salutary experience. I should preface what I'm saying by pointing out that it was projected off Digibeta (which I think is only 1000 lines - correct me if I'm wrong)and we may have made mistakes in post bouncing between FCP Premiere and Resolve - hav
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