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  1. 4K may catch on - in about 25 years... just look at the Redbox Top 20 any given week - there are currently only 3 Blu-rays in the top 20 - Argo, Zero Dark Thirty and Skyfall - which are #1, 2 and 3 via DVD! Outside of those of us who do this for a living, no one really cares about 1080 let alone 4K and are very happy watching standard def DVD's on their HD screens.   Almost everyone I know is still watching stretched SD broadcast on their shiny new HD TV even though they're paying for HD! Unless you have DirecTV, the HD channels are still hard to find for John Q. Public and they're not gonna go searching for a 4K channel when it comes available. Sad but true. We're years from the general public fully moving to 1080!   That said I do agree with Zitter that 4K is great for acquisition although the majority of feature films and TV are currently using the Alexa which is NOT 4K...
  2. Not sure how many of you were at NAB and saw the Canon 4k theater? I was very disappointed when the price was announced for the 1D-C, just seemed way out of line. Then I saw "The Ticket" in 4k DP'd by Shane Hurlbut. It was by far the best digital footage I have ever seen produced by ANY camera at any price. I couldn't believe it was recorded on-board to Compact Flash. Just stunning stuff and there was no way you would ever know it was 4:2:2 8 bit. This camera can never be considered a B camera to the C300, that's just silly, not even sure the C300 could be a B cam to the 1D-C. I had the pleasure of meeting Shane and talking briefly about the camera and he truly loves it, even more than the C500 which also produces and Alexa-like 4k image - stunning. After seeing the footage from both cameras my opinion about the pricing changed - I now think they are both bargains and far better choices than any other camera out there(of course they aren't even shipping yet) I had the privilege of working the C500/ AJA KiProQUAD display at the AJA booth all week and really believe this camera will also be a huge game changer. For big FX films or any high-end production relying on lots of green screen, compositing etc. the C500 combined with the KiProQUAD will be revolutionary in both quality and price. You'll be able to capture 4k ProRES 444 and 4k RAW .dpx frames (massive 45MB per frame) at the same same time. FX Supervisors are gonna love this set-up! But for me, like Shane, I love the DSLR form factor, I'm a run and gun kinetic type of shooter and the 1D-C is now on the top of my list for my next feature. It's a true game changer and I can't wait to start shooting with it...
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