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  1. Sorry, just seen this. I adjusted my Speedbooster myself initially and then sent it back to Metabones for re-calibration. I'm not sure there was much difference between my repair and the subsequent factory one. Since then I have had no problem at all and use the thing all the time.
  2. In case someone else has the same problem, this is what happened: the Speedbooster was delivered with the screw that holds the rear lens element in place completely loose. At some point the element was cleaned with a cloth and moved, thus making infinity focus impossible. I have readjusted and locked the screw down and all seems to be well. I'm sure you will understand that I'm not at all happy...
  3. I have just bought a Metabones Canon EF - MFT Speedbooster and A Tokina 11-16mm I was hoping to use it with on my GH4. The Speedbooster works fine with Canon lenses. Images are sharp and I can focus to infinity. When mounted directly on a Canon body, the Tokina works perfectly in both auto and manual focus modes. Images are sharp at infinity. Here's my problem: when I mount the Tokina lens on my GH4 via the Speedbooster, I can't focus to infinity. Worse, I can't focus further than about 4 feet (when the lens shows infinity). This makes the combination totally useless. Does anyone have an idea what might be going wrong here? I can't return either the lens or the adapter because separately they work fine. Together (which is exactly how I wanted to use them) it's a disaster. The strange thing is that I don't remember having this problem when I got two items three weeks ago. Neither has been dropped, knocked or otherwise mistreated. All help gratefully received!
  4. OK. I don't know of anyone who does that here in Paris. My own experience of PC after sales repairs has been entirely negative.
  5. And, while you may be able to build a PC more powerful than a Mac for less money, it's very hard to beat Apple for repairs if anything goes wrong with your machine.
  6. No one seems to have asked a really important question: how much revenue is he expecting to generate following this investment? Equipment choice isn't just a question of depreciation. You also need to have an idea of ROI. Big budgets don't always mean big profits.
  7. Last night I watched Frances Ha. Shot on a 5D. Now that is something I would like to see discussed here. A lout and cars, not so much.
  8. fuzzynormal - "I know some of us might require a velvet tufted chaise to fall into when we witness the EM5II's moiré, but others will roll with it and make it work." So how would you make that San Francisco dusk cityscape work? I just can't see how you would be able to acceptably get that shot with this camera. I get the shallow depth of field / old lens / change your composition strategy but if you simply can't do wide urban establishing shots there's a problem, no?
  9. John, at the risk of sounding flippant, I think what most people want is simply what Olympus said they would get.
  10. ​Illustrates perfectly what I wrote about not risking the EM5 M2 in an urban environment. I've never seen moiré that bad.
  11. Thanks John for adding that. Last week I was shooting interviews in a laboratory environment. Two of the four walls were white with those tiny black holes in them (there must be a technical name for this that I don't know). I had a 5D MK III, GH4 and the EM5 2 with me. The 5D MK III allowed me to throw the background out of focus and kill the moiré that way but then I had all the limits of shooting a talking head with shallow depth of field. The GH4 4K wider angle ( for cropable cutaways) was entirely determined by having to eliminate the moiré on the background. So my options for the shoot were limited by the way the different cameras handled the moiré in that location. Kind of difficult to explain to my client... I wonder if using a Pro-Mist filter would have helped?
  12. Thanks John Brawley for participating and giving hints on how to get the best from the camera. I'm coming to the conclusion that the EM5 2 is similar to the GH4 in that you can seriously degrade the results by being too smart for your own good. Natural Picture Mode with everything set to 0 and standard noise reduction is giving me the best footage so far. I'm surprised at how good relatively high ISOs look. The moiré, on the other hand, is a major problem. I can't see how you could count on this camera to shoot paid video work in an urban environment. Far to risky. I can easily imagine situations where the moiré would make it impossible to deliver useable footage, it's that bad. No idea how Olympus could let a camera ship with that. It would be very interesting to hear from someone at the company. There appears to be a lot of goodwill around that Olympus is sacrificing due to what appears to be, at the very least, rather optimistic claims made in the marketing of the EM5 2. Stills are great. I did a job yesterday in awful light on my 5D MK III and the EM5 2. The Canon was at 3200 - 6400 f 5.6 most of the day, the Olympus at 800 ish and 2.8. The EM5 2 was a joy to work with, more stable and had better focus. The EVF made the Canon's optical viewfinder feel very old technology. Although the Canon files are bigger the Olympus seems to have better resolution.
  13. Just to put some perspective on the "Micro 43 is no good for stills" - Jérôme Sessini of Magnum just won the World Press with one and his colleagues Moises Saman, Alex Majoli and Peter Van Agtmael all use the format.
  14. Natural 0 0 0, NR ON, Highlights 0 Shadows 0 seems better than trying to go flat and then grade. Maybe even setting sharpening to +1. It also seems important to correctly set the focal length if you are using IBIS with non-Olympus lenses. Unless I'm doing something wrong, even the focal length of my Panasonic 12-35 isn't detected automatically. Does anyone know a decent anti-moiré plugin for FCPX?
  15. I asked that. Natural with everything set to 0. What's interesting is that you are both using 24P and I'm using 25P. I wonder if that could make a difference?
  16. What settings are you using? I've been using various variants of the Natural Picture Mode.
  17. I'm not getting anything like that sharpness out of my camera.
  18. On the Nebula I was shown last week, the rear part of the device hid the mounted camera's LCD. The solution proposed was to link by wifi to a smartphone... ​Once you need to focus while you move, Nebula is next to useless. Once you have only a pocket to carry your camera, Nebula will be waiting at home for you. Once you need to shoot something now, well too late after all the time it takes to assemble and balance the Nebula. Agreed.
  19. Ok, for the AF it seems you have to press the HDR button when you are in the standard button configuration. Of course, of course...
  20. Bob Goldberg - just to clarify, from what I read, you don't actually have the camera, do you? The crop is on all the time in video mode. Changing image stabilisation mode doesn't change the crop factor. And if somebody could explain to me how the autofocus modes actually work in video mode, I would be grateful ;-) On the GH4 it's simple to switch AF patterns and re-focus while shooting using the AF in video mode. I can't figure out if I'm being stupid or this just doesn't exist on the EM5 Mk2.
  21. At the end of a day testing cameras for a shoot tomorrow, all I can say is that it's not a straightforward as I thought when I posted this morning's test. In fact, against my GH4 and 5D MK III, the EM5 Mk2's skin tones look really good. The colours are great and the files are very easily tweaked. Downloading John Brawley's ungraded files is quite informative, by the way.
  22. At the end of a day testing cameras for a shoot tomorrow, all I can say is that it's not a straightforward as I thought when I posted this morning's test. In fact, against my GH4 and 5D MK III, the EM5 Mk2's skin tones look really good. The colours are great and the files are very easily tweaked. Downloading John Brawley's ungraded files is quite informative, by the way.
  23. I did a little testing this morning. Moiré is definitely present.
  24. @ Kotlos Kotlos - I'm still testing, I'm often wrong ;-) From what I've seen, it's much easier to get decent skin tones with the Olympus than with my GH4.
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