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  1. Yes, RX10 should be very good in moire/aliasing, but I was interested to know about A7. By some unknown reason cameras with smaller sensors usually have fast readout and less line-skipping, but aps-c and full frame use a lot of line-skipping causing heavy aliasing.
  2. Hi Andrew, Same as few other guys I am also interested to know about crop mode video quality. Is the moire/aliasing (and noise) better or worse than in full frame mode? I hope in crop mode there is less of line-skipping... Thanks
  3. "The problem with ALL these cameras is that the “step up market” from smartphones no longer exists"   Amazon Best Sellers tells opposite :)
  4. 1. I think having source material in 4k/48hz gives nothing but advantage. It is up to movie maker to decide how to use it. Any softness and motion blur or even 24p can be applied to scenes later when needed. 2. Making 4k/48hz looking good is more complicated than making blurry/24p looking good. This will show soon who learned how to make movies and who just hides bad movie and actor work behind dreamy 24p look. 3. When I turn on frames interpolation on my TV – yes, most movies looks like 70s soup opera. But few of them looks just amazing to me. This makes me believe that making nice looking movies in 4k/48hz format is possible. 4. Activating frames interpolation on 24p move can just partially mimic look of proper 48p movie. Don’t use to judge how 48p will look like in the end. 5. About human generations trained to watch 24p during last 70 years. New generations are already trained on 60p hi-res computer games and on TV’s with frames interpolation turned on by default – they will just accept new format as something absolutely normal.
  5. ... "It does seem like a particularly strong optical low pass filter on this camera, which produces very soft results in video mode." This AA filter is designed to blur image down to 22 MP. It will never affect softness off low-res 2 MP video frame.
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