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  1. Lomo

    Driftwood GF2

    I've been searching for Driftwood download link but no success , anyone can supply me the download link ? thanks !
  2. Lomo

    GF 2 Hack

    Hi guys , i just bought a GF2 and i need this camera to shot video , should i hack to get a good video quality and does the original GF2  shot 25fp ?  which popular software to hack ATM ? i heard a bout driftwood . any download link would be great and appreciate  , i haven't had the camera yet but should deliver to my door very soon .
  3. What is the different GH2 PAL compare to NTSC ? ( NTSC for US and PAL for UK and asia country ) but both record same quallity video frame rate and hackable ? im from australia its ok if i get a NTSC ? please advise .
  4. Lomo

    EOS 60D or 7D

    Thanks for the comment , i shot picture but video are very new to me so im still dunno which one are good for video and picture , i know that alot of people use GH2 so i guess that is the best .
  5. Lomo

    EOS 60D or 7D

    EOS 60D and 7D  which one is better shooting video ( anamorphic lens ) ? does 60D shot 24p ?
  6. Canon eos 7d and GH2 which one is better for videography and photography ?
  7. Im planing to get a century 16.9 anamorphic adapter for my sony nex5 not nex5n but confuse about the different PD150 and PD170 , are both same or only different mount size ? please advise if something better than century 16.9 i need something really flare .
  8. What is the different between NEX5 and NEX5n ( video shooting ) ? i know that the nex5n has 16.5mp , higher resolution .
  9. Thanks for the tips ! im using nex5 and i think nex5 does not support 25f only 60f for AVCHD right ?
  10. I'm so exited when i got my NEX5 though i can shoot HD video but after had a several shoot with  nikon 50mm 1.8 , Canon 50mm 1.4 and Eiki 16C anamorphic lens i'm just not happy with the picture quality . my question is what is the different 25fps and 50fps ( what i know is 50fps shot sharp picture , am i right ? )  are AVCHD is the better picture quality ? planing to get GH2 if NEX5 doesn't work for me ! PLEASE ADVICE .
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