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  1. I think U are a bit unfair... Panasonic and the other brands should with a new product take care for a customer. With a new product they should bring parallel the converter, software. So GH5 is here and someone else should take care for the rest...hmmm
  2. Sorry folks, but by all these incredible features, specs, I still cannot get nice some filmic look, skin tones and saturated colors out of Sony. .. At end of the day, that´s what I need for my creative work. I wanna control, use and paint with the light...but that is only my approach...some others don´t need this. I catch sometime myself depending my work on specs and blaming Canon not to have all these things..just an excuse. I can still do more with the image, colors coming out of my 5d3 more than with Sony`s which I tested also by myself. But it is only my PoW P.S. Showreel include shoots
  3. Lucky Luke

    GH4 V-Log $99

    Found this in Pro Video Coalition, .."Have a look at Matt Allard's DVX-200 V-Log L tests at newsshooter. The DVX-200 uses the same V-Log L curve, has a similar MFT sensor, and records 4:2:0 8-bit internally, just as the GH4 does. - See more at: http://www.provideocoalition.com/before-you-rush-out-to-buy-v-log-l-for-your-gh4#sthash.ZOmlOz33.dpuf
  4. Already long ago I wanted to write about tests, discussions of tha last five six years. While the an average tester is discussing, following the numbers(mostly resolution and fps), the professionals are talking about color and latitude. I still prefer my Canon 5d3 color&Magic Lantern over any Sony resolution or fps. Only my opinion. Happy shooting
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